Holy wrath is just garbage....

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I just took it out of my deck (not because i got new Cards)
For me the random damage output seems fine and fun.
what i'd like to see changed is just the one thing, that i can Draw the Card first, and then shoot when i know how much/Little damage it does.
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Pay attention to the cards you play during the game and play your odds. If you know that the remaining cards in your deck are high cost then the holy wrath can be worth a lot. I rarely have bad experiences with it.
With that said, it's a difficult card to plan for and sometimes you just have to use it, and when that happens it's a complete gamble
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08/24/2013 07:12 PMPosted by Althizor
Giants update their mana costs even if they are in your deck, so generally by the time you can cast holy wrath they will deal significantly less damage than their base cost.

This is false.
Molten Giants will always do 20 damage when used with holy wrath regardless of health.
Watch Kripparians holy wrath deck, it is not only ludicrous but quite powerful.
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I think the card should work a bit similar like in Wow. My thought would be a 4 or 5 cost mana card, and it deals around somewhere around 6-12 damage, but does not affect the enemy hero nor does the card include the hero for its effect.
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The fact that everyone here is flaming Holy Wrath makes me love my deck even more as it's pretty amazing and unheard of. If your able to do quick minor probability in your head and u know your deck, then holy wrath is for you.

No the giants do lower their mana cost until they hit your hand, my main combo is havin holy wrath in hand, drawing a low mana card in late game when i have about 10-15 life, then i play holy wrath just becuz i built my deck with mostly 6-9 mana costers plus the giants, i have busted 20 dmg holy wrath 3 times out of 5 games, not to mention i them play my molten giant becuz i let my opoonent widdle me down to half for ez giant summon after a whoppin' 20 dmg. In every single case where i holy wrath'd a molten, my opponents would concede right away.
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*Edit* No the molten giants DO NOT update mana cost until they reach your hand meaning it will always be 20-molten
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Even the flavor text on the card says "C'mon Molten Giant!" :P
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I've got one in my pally deck, along with two hammers of wrath and two consecrate. I'm primarily 3-4 mana in there so I rely on it to do 3, treating it like a hammer of wrath that costs an extra mana to allow me to have a third. And often it does more, and I can trade a weaker minion to finish off whatever monstrosity my opponent has.

Is it a great card? By no means. But as a card that replaces itself and fills a need in my deck, it works. If I had an avenging wrath I'd play that instead, but hey.
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I consider it to be worse than hammer of wrath. And I only have 1 HoW in my deck.

Randomness of the damage is awful. Since its random most people use it on enemy hero which doesnt fit to our meta. We dont burn enemy hero down with spells we control the board.

A horrible card that should never see the daylight.
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The fact that people praise Hammer of Wrath and discount Holy Wrath, is odd.. HoW is 3 damage for 4 mana. Any deck running HW should have at least 25 cards that are 4-20 mana cost, and maybe about 4-5 that are 1-3. Your deck is probably at least 50% 5 mana+

It is hardly crap, anymore than Timber Wolf is crap for being a 1/1 that only gives +1 dmg to beasts.

It is a RNG gamble, but in my HW deck (Which is just fun, not a great winner in ranked) I hit for a median of about 7 damage, and the mode is probably 4.

Considering its cost, I'd hardly say it was garbage. I do think it could use a slight buff, but anymore than slight and it would start to look OP. Anyone getting hit for 20 damage is already crying OP.

Lowering the mana cost to 4 would be over the value, but perhaps it could be "Mana cost +1" or draw the card and then let you pick the target after you see the dmg value.. That would be reasonable.
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