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09/02/2013 07:47 AMPosted by Cronstintein
I found the warrior being ranked #1 extremely surprising. I don't have beta access, so I can only speak as a 3rd party witness, but it seems people generally view the warrior as the least playable class. Especially in arena.

They're the weakest class in constructed. In Arena though, you run into a lot of slug-fest type situations where players constantly trade minions (due to it being hard to create strong synnergies in Arena decks; you can make some, but no deck-wide synnergies). Warriors have a lot of weapons which trade at least 2:1, which is really strong in a tit-for-tat situation.

Warsong Commander is also really good. It tends to be a bit harder to kill than in constructed, and once it's out, the Charge effect is incredibly dangerous.

Rogue is probably the most consistently good deck, but Shamans and Warriors are probably the two strongest classes when they get the right cards.
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I find the tier list WAY off.

Hunters are ranked 9 in this list, but in Arenas (and even more so constructed) they are deadly.

Considering the date of the post, my thoughts are that when this player went Grandmaster, people were still rather new and did not know how to build hunter decks. I find Hunters, Druids, and Rogues to be the most trouble in Arena right now.

That's not to say that the others can't give trouble, it's just that more consistently speaking these classes tend to to do better.
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What I like to know is how do you counter a sheep ,freeze and any other cc cards?
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Nothing more to say than, good job :)
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I hope people do not read this guide thinking it is useful because it is not. Today in Arena I had 6 goes.

First went 9-2 with Paladin, then 9-1 with Paladin, then 9-2 with Priest, then 6-3 with Priest, then 9-2 with hunter before finally 9-2 again with hunter.

The game is all about tempo, master that and you can beat opponents who can't manage this fundamental.
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About card selection "not going to go in depth here"
Pfffft. Card selection is 90% of the arena. If you aren't going to go in depth about it, your guide is pretty useless.
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Great job, Ben. I made a 9-win run with a druid using your guide.

Any chance that you update it taking into account the changes that came with the last patch?

And... you don't mind if I translate it into Russian? It's really good.
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hi ,i want ur blessing to traduct ur post in another language for some forums and my website

there will be a link to get here and ur name

im waiting for ure answer
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I don't think he will care at all it's not copywrited I am sure he would be glad to have it spread around.
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Thank you, I appreciate the information
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You're not helping anyone by spreading a guide that ranks Paladin 8 of 9 and Priest 7 of 9
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10/14/2013 10:29 AMPosted by Ribbo
You're not helping anyone by spreading a guide that ranks Paladin 8 of 9 and Priest 7 of 9
ya for real, priest i can agree with, paladin i cannot, paladin has been my most successful class by far, responsible for three of my four grandmaster medals, i think its hero power is one of the best, if not the best, unlimited source of minions is very good, simple and easy to use buffs easily turn an ordinary 1/1 minion into a monster, throw some melee in there, throw some healing in there, throw some spell damage in there, and, just like in world of warcraft, you get the most versatile class and therefore is very hard to defeat
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Attention everyone: This was pre-patch notes, this list would be 100% not the same post patch.
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Updated for current patch.
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Great guide, Ben. Thanks.

A question on facing priests in the late game: I have more constructed experience but as I shift into arena, I am concerned with how to bait the Mind Control after turn 8.

I get that I need to not play the big guys on 8. I also get that I can sometimes infer from his card count if he has MC or not. But especially in Arena, where people can have more than 2 MCs, I am uncomfortable with the baiting.

For instance, earlier today, I had a Frostwolf Warlord and a Fire Elemental in my hand. I also had a series of minions on the board that I was using to trade with him. I never felt comfortable dropping the Warlord as he would have been a 6/6.

Those where the only legitimate big tickets I had. The priest and I tangoed until we both ran out of cards. I died with these two cards in my hand and the Priest at four hit points.

Short of letting all my minions die and dropping the Warlord on a bare board, I am not sure what I could have done.

tl;dr How do you decide when to bait? At what point do you play the big guys as an alternative to dying of fatigue?
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In general, it's only safe to play a big creature into MC if you have an answer to it, which in this case is Hex or crashing a 3/x into the warlord followed by the Fire Elemental ability.

Also, with the Priest at 4HP, perhaps at some point you should have played the Fire Elemental to do 3 damage directly to the hero. This gives him the dilemma of MCing a non-taunt minion, leaving him open to further damage if he skips his turn spending all his mana on it. If he lets it through, then you can play a 2nd large minion, meaning MCing will result in 6 damage from the one that wasn't.
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I have nothing to add as far as game strategy but I did want to take the time to thank the OP and the other commenters as well. This is all _great_ stuff for noobs and not-so-noobs that _aren't_ in the 9 win club (like myself).

I will offer one noob tip that has nothing to do with game strategy but has helped me a LOT; run through each class in PLAY using these tips for deck construction and gameplay, at least as much as possible with your collection.

I had already ran through every class in Practice to get familiar with the play-style of each before finding this post. After reading this post, I ran back through each class as I suggest in my tip. It was very enlightening, even though neither me or my opponents had exactly the same card pool as Arena. I did some research on good alternatives to some of the cards suggested and I wound up burning through all my accumulated dust, but I'm _MUCH_ more prepared to enter the Arena now, thanks to the OP and the commenters. I'm already winning more, just haven't yet gone above 6. Once again, thanks to all.
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great post. using this advice has also vastly helped my win ratio in ranked mode.
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Thumbs up!
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Updated with video for Warrior draft and 7+ wins. More to come.

Edit: Never really did this before so I only realized after my game audio was a bit high, though I'm still audible. Alternative YT Link:
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