Card Engine / Windfury Warrior Combo Deck

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First off, here's the deck list:

1 Charge
2 Execute
1 Warsong Commander
2 Whirlwind
2 Rampage
2 Inner Rage
2 Battle Rage
1 Shattered Sun Cleric
1 Commanding Shout
2 Frothing Berserker
2 Cruel Taskmaster
2 Slam
1 Brawl
2 Shieldbearer
2 Raging Worgen
2 Acolyte of Pain
1 Gurubashi Berserker
1 Dark Iron Dwarf
1 Abusive Sergeant

Keystone Cards:
Raging Worgen: 3 mana, 3/3, Enrage: +1 attack, Windfury
Acolyte of Pain: 3 mana, 1/3, When this minion is damaged, draw a card.
Inner Rage: 0 mana, Deal 1 damage to target minion, and give it +2 attack

The basic idea is to sit on your side of the board, throwing out chump blockers, and possibly a Slam or two and one of your Acolytes of Pain to keep drawing cards, taking advantage of your hero power to stay out of kill range. Execute is your friend, and should be used liberally to take out taunters. The key is sitting on your combo until you can guarantee it won't be removed - if you can't get the worgen out safely on turn 2 (coin) or 3, then it should almost always be saved till you have a way to give it charge.

If you didn't hit the early combo, then by turn 5-7, your card engine should have drawn you into enough protection to get it out. Lay down a Raging Worgen, hurt it and buff it with as many cards as possible, preferably with a way to give it charge as well - then swing for 7-9 damage twice. Even if you haven't done a single point of hero damage to this point, 18 damage is hard to answer. You'll likely still have to battle for the win, given removal of the Worgen is almost inevitable, but ideally you leverage your 5-10 card advantage into a win.

It's worth mentioning that with perfect draws, you swing for 18 on turn 3, so the rest of the deck is built around drawing you into that combo as quickly as possible. Even if you can't quite manage to get that exact set of cards out, the other cards there still all play very nicely together.
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I played something similar to this for an hour or 2 a few days ago, sadly it doesn't win reliably vs any sort of decent control deck though it does win hard when it works. A good beginner / fun friendly deck I'd say.
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