Explosive Trap and spellpower?


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Spell power buffs Snipe, but doesn't seem to buff Explosive Trap (according to the text). However, I have not yet had an Explosive Trap activate while a spell power minion was alive.

So my questions are:

1) Does the spell power apply when you play the card or when the trap activates?
2) Does spell power affect Explosive Trap?
3a) If not, then why not?
3b) If so, then the text needs to dynamically update. (Not a question, I know)
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A while ago Zeriyah posted an ansver where she said that Secrets will benefit from Spell Power. Haven't seen this happen in a game as Hunters don't have/play Spell Power boosting Minions typically. Spell Power Hunters just seem like a silly idea. :) Expecially when the enemy can kill the Spell Power minions without the Explosive Trap activating. For what reason you have Spell Power in a Hunter deck? I'd like to know the reasoning. :)

But yeah, should work.
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So it "Should work."

However, the question remains: "Does it work?" This is a beta after all and I'm asking if it's working properly.

Also, have you ever heard of testing different things out? Why wouldn't you mess around with different builds during a beta? Maybe you didn't mean to come off so pompous. If so, learn to express yourself better.
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Sorry for sounding doucehy, that was not the intention. Also i like to test out new things. Thats why i asked why you wanted to use it... -_-'' Good thing you didn't ansver me and just gave an arrogant reply.

Sadly i'm not in the Beta and stuck with Cockatrice. In Cockatrice it's not too easy to find opponents now when Beta is out and there is so much i can test in few games per day. Ofc Cockatrice doesn't give any ansvers to the actual question either. If you are in the beta this should not be too hard to test out as you can have a match between friends and agree not to attack before you have SP on table and an Explosive Trap set down.
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Yes, spellpower minions work with explosive traps. tested with bloodmage thalnos, i play him as a draw card mostly, but was happy to have his spellpower bonus in pretty much every deck.

Spellpower hunter isn't a terrible idea. Multi-shot, explosive shot, arcane shot, kill command as well as snipe and explosive shot all work off spellpower minions. Granted, 2 of those spells are minion only, but as a hunter, you've already got 2 damage a turn you can work with. Worst thing you have to deal with is what every other spellpower deck deals with, people killing the minions.
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Right now i am playing a Kind of Hunter Controll Deck. Just Traps and Shots and some smaller creatures. ( Lepra Gnom for fast Damage, fits the Deck fine. )

Because i am killing off creatures so fast i swapped my few taunt creatures to spellpower minions. Basicly Azure Dragon and the 4/4 Ogre. ( Both nice against a Priest ;) ) Works like charm! Because i hold the board clear, they won't get killed. It's really fun against a priest!

But it is VERY boring for the opponent...
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you've never played arena?

how else could you be so oblivious to the fact that a hunter could in-fact have a SP card in their deck
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