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As opposed to creating separate threads for each individual deck, I believe it would be more beneficial for all fellow mages to have a dedicated thread for posting and reviewing various decklists.

Allow me to start by introducing myself. I'm a fellow Hearthstone lover who is very passionate about everything mage-related (it's my exclusive class in both HS and WoW), and I'm currently level 30 and a 3-star Master in ranked play (oh how elusive that grandmaster medal is). I've been avidly following Hearthstone since its announcement and I've put forth more hours than I care to admit with Cockatrice and the closed beta.

This is the deck I have been using, which is completely limited (no epic/legendary cards):

Arcane Missiles x2
Mana Wyrm x2
Ironbeak Owl x2
Sorcerer's Apprentice x2
Arcane Intellect x2
Counterspell x1
Frostbolt x2
Acolyte of Pain x1
Ironfur Grizzly x2
Fireball x2
Polymorph x2
Sen'jin Shieldmasta' x2
Blizzard x2
Azure Drake x2
Lord of the Arena x1
Sunwalker x1
Flamestrike x2

Basic: 17
Common: 7
Rare: 6

The main goal of this deck is purely keeping control of the board with the use of both taunt minions and removal. Both Frostbolt and Blizzard are great for delaying the game, and Flamestrike is amazing for massive board clears. Ironbeak Owl is great for all sorts of situations (bypass taunt, turn a totem into a piece of useless wood, ect.) and Polymorph is simply too great a removal card to be turned down.

Both Acolyte of Pain, Azure Drake, and Arcane Intellect are there for card draw purposes (Acolyte works great with the mage hero power as you can ping it yourself for card draw), and the single counterspell works well to keep enemies guessing as to what that secret could be. Sometimes it'll even counter a really useful spell for the enemy, making it even better.

Now I want to speak specifically on Mana Wyrm, which I believe to be one of the best 1 drops in the game. While a 1/3 isn't normally much to call home about, the ability to continually grow it into a beast is priceless, and I've won games exclusively with insane Mana Wyrms that the enemy can't deal with. Even if Mana Wyrm doesn't become super effective, usually the enemy player is frightened enough to use removal or silence on your 1-drop, meaning they'll have less to deal with your bigger minions later.

It's not as spell-heavy as I would like (Pyroblasts would be great), but it's a great deck that can compete against those players who were lucky enough to receive beefy legendaries.


TL;DR - Feel free to post your own deck lists or constructive criticism on others' decks. Let's work to make the mage class a serious force to be reckoned with.
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I'm curious about the omission of Mirror Image. Have you tested it? If so, how effective is it? I just feel that it would be a great card to play instead of some other taunts like Ironfur Grizzly, especially with 2 Mana Wyrms and 2 Sorceror's Apprentice.
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I have tried Mirror Image, and I have to say that I dislike it. While it does synergize well with Mana Wyrm and Sorcerer's Apprentice, I feel as if Mirror Image still isn't worth it as it's not much of a body on the field and nearly useless late game. I really do like that the opponent feels more pressured while an Ironfur Grizzly is out, causing them to use some removal that they might save for later if there had been Mirror Images out instead.

Now, if I were to supplement Gadgetzan Auctioneer instead of the Azure Drakes and add in an Archmage Antonidas, I'd probably have to do some retesting with Mirror Images and see where it stands in terms of usefulness. Unfortunately, I'm too short on dust at the moment to do such testing.
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I built this Mage starter (all basic card) deck. Let me know what you think.

Arcane Missiles (2)
Mirror Image (2)
Arcane Explosion (2)
Acidic Swamp Ooze (2)
Arcane Intellect (2)
Dalaran Mage (2)
Ironfur Grizzly (2)
Fireball (2)
Polymorph (2)
Ogre Magi (2)
Water Elemental (2)
Booty Bay Bodyguard (2)
Gurubashi Berserker (2)
Lord of the Arena (2)
Flamestrike (2)
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Sorry to necro this thread, i've just gotten into playing mage and i have to say the deck from OP is an awesome deck.
I've won 8 games in a row now on 1star diamond, it's like this deck has a anwser to anything the other player puts out there.
Thanks for sharing the deck, it's done wonders for me so far.
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Only problem with this is that I just finished the tutorial and don't have a portion of the cards you listed :< Those cards being:

Mana Wyrm x2
Ironbeak Owl x2
Sorcerer's Apprentice x2
Counterspell x1
Acolyte of Pain x1
Blizzard x2
Azure Drake x2
Sunwalker x1
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Just starting out and (level 9 Mage) and I am setting up this starter deck. Looks like I do not yet have Flamestrike :-(

I guess I will try Stormwind Champion for the 7 mana card or would you recommend something else?

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