lord jaraxxus

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That card is so broken its out of control I see horrible players winning in masters just because of that one damn card.

That and terribly played paladins...(<---this class in general needs a nerf)

fix this crap
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nerf those infernos

Haha, look at this idiot

I'd say the only idiot in the thread is you, JackGates.

Jaraxus is absurdly overpowered. He's a last-ditch heal, on a class that doesn't have a ton of healing. He's arguably the best weapon in the game, on a class that doesn't have any weapons. He has hands down the most ridiculously OP hero ability in the game as well.

mhmhmhmm!! Jaraxxus says your bitter defeat taste absolutely delicious!
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I will admit that he has a pretty good scene right now. Kinda makes you want to go play League when your about to win and he shows his ugly face :D
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mhmhmhmm!! Jaraxxus says your bitter defeat taste absolutely delicious!

I actually had just made that post after beating a deck that had played that card. I went from 30 life and barely won with less than 10 remaining thanks to drawing several of my end-game cards. No single card should have that effect on the outcome.
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Two games in a row. One fireball away from winning and here comes jaraxxus. Zero chance to recover. Something has to change. He's essentially two holy lights, 4 firey waraxes and 20x better than shadowform in one card.
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JARAXXUS is.....sorry.
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Opened a shiny new golden Jaraxxus last night. Can't wait to try him out. Wish they mentioned that 6/6 thing in the tooltip. I thought I was just getting a 3/15, but that 6/6 is a nice surprise.
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Save your cards up and let the Warlock take the lead with using their deck. Keep an Acidic Swamp Ooze card till the the player reveals Jar, then take out his weapon.

I don't think it needs to be nerfed. The Warlock is super weak most of the match.
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Yes. Buff the mana cost of the card and/or increase the mana cost of the "inferno" why in the hell does it cost 2 mana for a 6/6 we see who blizzard favors in this pathetic game. Just fix this unlike you did to d3 and dont let jay wilson do it.
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i got a warlock down to 2 hp, i thought i had it in the bag next round... then lord comes out. didn't even know he existed...

got him back down to 2hp, but i lost the turn after... WOW

Should've used a harvest golem. I also had the annoying 2 hp warlock issue.
So I placed a harvest golem in my deck.

1 Harvest golem hilariously beat 3 legendaries (Lordwalker Cho, Lord Jaraxxus, and Deathwing) for me in a single match.

I got a warlock down to 11 hp....
He had stealth imp & lorewalker down....I completely ignored the lorewalker & just kept bashing his face in.
Lord Jaraxxus comes down....
So I take Lord Jaraxxus down to 2 HP.....& ooze his weapon.
Deathwing comes down right after.

Except he activated my trap card....
HARVEST GOLEM back as a 2/1!
I was laughing too hard when I realized what had happened & nearly missed a screenshot.
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I'm not so sure. Jaraxxus doesn't have the ability to target a full health opponent like alexstraza and is as slow at getting momentum as ysera.
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I just got this the other day.

When I play him, even if I lose its tons of fun!

Lost 2 games with him, won one. I made a mistake in one game but still.. wasn't that op. He takes so long to get going..
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Why is it so hard to rush Jaraxxus down in 2 turns with 10 mana till he becomes useful?
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12/05/2013 09:50 AMPosted by Serefina
Why is it so hard to rush Jaraxxus down in 2 turns with 10 mana till he becomes useful?

Because he is Lord Jaraxxus, Eredar Lord of the Burning Legion! Summoned by Wilfred Fizzlebang. And another will take his place.
Your world is doomed.
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I'm sorry, but so much to say about this. I've played a lot of warlock, and against a lot of warlock, in 3 star masters. If you blow all your spells getting a warlock to low hp when he has 9 mana left, you should be expecting the jaraxxus. You just have to hold on to some burst, and keep the board even. Jaraxxus takes up an entire turn, essentially the only utility it provides for the turn of use is the reset to 15 hp, so you don't put him below 15 hp unless you can finish him. That makes a turn completely useless for warlock (except for the 3 damage attack). If you can't use an unopposed 10 mana turn to gain a big advantage, you're doing something wrong. So unless you are already behind on board control, it's very difficult for an opponent as a warlock to find an opportune time to play Jaraxxus. The first few times I played against warlock I thought it was ridiculously overpowered too, but so do many other things, you just have to learn to play against it.
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Remember to kill the portals. If the Warlock can get Jer down to a cost of 7 or even 5 crystals, it's even worse for the opponent.
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1 Sacrificial Pact and he's dead... just saying...
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Jaraxxus is overpowered.

Here is a different way of asking the question: In what situations can you win when a warlock drops jaraxxus?

1) Be a mage that has a pyroblast and fireball in her hand WHEN it drops, and survive for 2 rounds
2) Have a 8/X minion with charge and survive for 2 rounds OR Have a 8/X minion summoned that turn and survive for 3 rounds. In both cases your minion must survive the attacks from the 6/6 infernals
3) Have about 2-3 taunts ALREADY on the field, and more minions on the way while being able to withstand the 9 damage jaraxxus will put out the next turn.

The fact of the matter is that no SINGLE card can counter jaraxxus save a sacrificial pact which is incredibly situational. And you really need to ask yourself if something is balanced when the only thing that counters it is itself.

Keep something else in mind. These situations all depend on the warlock having no advantage whatsoever at this point in the game. Both players are going to not have a full hand, and about 10-15 health. Even a fully prepared player would at best have a fighting chance.

No other legendary in this game has this much game ending power. All of the other legendaries are minions, and as a result can be countered by saving you big minion killers until they show up.

If they counter is, "deal damage until he dies" (mage's pyro and fireball being an example), then you realize that means the counter is, "just win". Because you win this game by reducing opponent's health to zero.
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I'm just instaquit when this card comes into play. Warlocks are good and powerful, with weapon and 6/6 every turn games becomes absolutely unfair and boring. Well done.
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