lord jaraxxus

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In other words, after some thinking, I could get it more clear: total bull!@#$ that kills the fun. Thanks.
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It is hard to find a nice scenario where Jaraxxus comes in and makes you win the game, you have to play it pretty wisely.

Also, although an aggro deck can run it, it can't be counterproductive to have it on the early turns, being just a dead draw, and he usually doesn't reach his potential on those decks. Control is where he belongs.

In a losing scenario, Jaraxxus can do very little by himself, you have to, either board wipe first and hope the opponent doesn't play a bulky minion before you play Jaraxxus, or have ready a coin and Defender of Argus, so you can play an infernal the same turn, and next one play another along the defender. Out of that, it is an entire turn of free hits to his horrible 15 life points.
In a win scenario, well, you were already winning, so he just assures you win the match, so the opponent deserved to lose anyway. People complains about Jaraxxus a lot, because usually lock players know in which scenarios they can play Jaraxxus and win, simulating that Jaraxxus is a cheap easy-wins cards, while he is clearly not. I know it by experience xD
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08/28/2013 10:59 PMPosted by Hippy

lol what? Infernals don't have charge, so the max he could do in 2 rounds is 12 damage. He is 9 cost, so you really can't play anything of meaning after playing him (and I'll tell you now, if you kept 'The Coin' in hand till you played jaraxxus, you're doing it wrong). Yes, you can use this minion to gain life. However, a max hp of 15 is easy to swing at 9-10 mana, especially if you have board control. If the lock played Jaraxxus he didn't wipe the board with hellfire/Twisting Nether, giving you an opportunity to swing.

There are plenty of negative aspects of 'rushing out' jaraxxus.

I'd be much more afraid of the locks who run lots of board wipe.

You are right about the damage, its actually 15 including his weapon. But still thats tons of damage late game again outside of cards. Typically, games have a peak of damage (when many cards are still in players hands). When LJ comes out, typically there is no defense. Its a huge swing in the game when the player is losing. When winning its just lols.

Edit: and the overkill part of this card is that locks dont need it.

15 damage isn't a ton of damage late game, by late game most people are expected to have our rares and legendary cards that can easily add up to over 15 damage
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08/23/2013 11:24 PMPosted by Lupii
Hes also epic and rare as heck so =P

If that was the case, then why is he in every single deck of every single warlock I play?
This card is so OP.
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Jaraxxus doesn't need a nerf. I have fought at least 4 warlocks who use him and only once did he result in a winning game for my opponent. He's powerful, but definitely beatable.
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Wow, this card...needs some looking into to.
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For me its a 3 atk charge

1/100 games does the hero power actually even come into play to help me win
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he is op the reason being is because any warlock with a good deck will run sunfury protector and defender or argus and then he has a ton of huge taunts u cant get past and are limited to spells to kill. Maybe making the infernos nonbuffable would fix this.
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If he's so OP, why don't we see people winning tournaments with this guy? All the managrind tourneys, and no one has won with this guy in their starting deck (I believe a warlock won with him in his sideboard once). Instead we see rush decks, rogue combo decks, and mage spell dmg decks winning time after time after time.

Look how many people in this thread have complained "I didn't even know this guy existed". It's like losing to a priest after he MC'd your legendary and complaing you didn't know MC was even a card. And for the record, I don't even have LJ in my collection (though I do wish I did).
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Jaraxxus is a card that looks OP on paper, maybe feels OP when you encounter him the first time or two in games you felt were still winnable, but is an extremely balanced legendary in practice.

He is very good at locking down and finishing games where you were already in an advantageous position, good at providing an edge in close games, but actually fairly bad at pulling out games where you were already a bit behind.

9 mana is a very costly card that limits your options for playing other stuff even on turns 10+. Unless you have a coin you can't even use his hero power until the next turn. And then it has summoning sickness, making it another turn before you can actually attack with it (other than the strong but niche case of shadowflaming it for board clear). Three turns is usually too much to make a difference if you are behind already.

15 HP can be clutch if you are cutting it close, but it's also not a tremendous amount of HP when you are down at turn 9+. Direct damage spells can shave a huge amount off that in one turn, or any minions on their side of the board can shave a huge amount off that in one turn.

Having a 3 attack weapon helps you clean up the board immediately, but with no mitigation that's also damage that you take to the face and makes you more vulnerable to DD and charges the next turn.

And these are extremely limited cases, but you better hope you're not in a mirror match against somebody with Sac Pact and if you're playing a Paladin with an active secret, don't even think about playing Jaraxx until after you've tested the secret.

I like Jaraxxus and I run him in most of my warlock decks but he's certainly not in all people's decks. For example, Ragnaros has long been popular as a warlock fattie and I'm not sure I would want both in the same deck. And in fact some people don't even want to have a card that big in an aggro deck. Like another poster said, Jaraxxus is virtually absent from most tourney-winning lock decks.
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First packet of cards

Lord Jaraxxus
Either extremely lucky or Extremely lucky =)
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I started playing a Jaraxxus control deck recently and went from rank 20 to 15 so far while using it. Couldn't play more yet due to EU still being down but I can keep updating my progress with him if anyone happens to be interested.

Basicly I'm running all removal except for soulfire since random discard is meh for control. 2 Farseers for that 6 extra healing. 2 Ancient Watchers, Molten Giant(2 if I had 2) and 2x Argus for taunts. Stormpike Commando's as they are like a weaker fire elemental.

Early game I keep tapping every turn and almost play nothing so I have 8-10 cards for the most of the game. I trade 1:1 most of the time, demonfire against knife juggler, shadowbolt against dark iron dwarves etc. If it gets too much I hellfire/shadowflame.

I almost always get to the lategame in which I set up jaraxxus with molten giant/ancient watcher taunts and then play jaraxxus next turn. If the enemy continues to be aggressive and goes for my face with pyroblast or whatever I also run Alexstrasza which heals me back to 15 again.

From there on I start gaining control with infernals+ragnaros and use my remaining drain life/farseers/siphon souls to keep my HP up and win the game.
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Sorry but this card is an Auto Win if you are playing board control. Its stupid and the cost for a 6/6 should be more then 2 mana, otherwise its fine.
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If you clear the floor.lord Jaraxxus not op even i lost with him If you have no Taunt or no monsters on the field lord jar is easy to lash out on. also Sacrificial Pact kills him GG
Edited by MATSUKAZE on 12/17/2013 4:06 PM PST
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12/17/2013 03:55 PMPosted by MATSUKAZE
If you clear the floor.lord Jaraxxus not op even i lost with him If you have no Taunt or no monsters on the field lord jar is easy to lash out on. also Sacrificial Pact kills him GG

I just lost a game with the opponent on 12 life and no minion, when he summoned Lord Jaraxxus and boom!

I think this card it's the most OP card i've seen in my life and i've played a lot of Magic! 2Mana=6/6Minion??? and if that wasn't enough a 3attack weapon with 8!!!! durability...

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I was just playing a ranked match as a drood, I had 30 health plus armor so 34 ish, the lock was down too 5.... he plays this card and is able too clear the board... then it was literally impossible too kill this guy, he played an inferno + taunt. Used his other cards too kill my 8/8 and everything else... rediculous, ive lost too this card tooo many times.
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i just dishenchanted my jaxx, he isnt as good as people say,

Try get him, he dosnt win you any games. if you are using him defensive, = you dont have board control ,-!! and it is not likely you are going to win, due to it takes like 3 turns before he is worth anything..

if you use him while you already have board control, it is usually just a bigger win.....
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He is amazing if you know what are you doing. He is useless in agro deck but very strong in controll removal deck with taunts and heals.
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Nope, balanced just fine. takes 3+ turns to really get going and by that point youve been able to play your hand with impunity
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08/26/2013 03:08 PMPosted by Sadath
Warlock is also one of the weakest early game heroes. It's an even trade off that he's really strong when he gets to 9 and drops Jaraxxus

You're either really terrible at this game or a very serious troll. Aggro locks are played so heavily for a reason.
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