An (almost) All-Basic Paladin Deck!

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I built this deck using (almost) all basic cards and I've found it to be very effective. Here's the deck:

Theme: The Best Offense is a Good Defense.

The basic idea of the deck is that defense comes first, and trading favorably with your opponent will make it so that you end up in the late game in better shape than he does. This deck can win earlier, but it's strengths are surviving early, and then erasing whatever your opponent does to you while you whittle him down. The deck is built on the following pillars:

1-Taunt: Minions with taunt will keep you in the game until you can bring out your big guns. They force moves by your opponent, making him sacrifice minions or burn extra cards to get to your health, and that is an extremely positive thing.

2-Heals: Again, if you're trying to stay in the game long term, armor or heals will get you there. Paladins don't have a lot of armor options, so heals.

3-Soldiers: You eventually DO need to deal damage to your opponent. You need minions that pack some sort of punch.

4-Buffs: Cards that increase the defense of a minion are almost as good as heals. Cards that increase the attack power of a minion can turn a Speedbump into a Soldier

5-Damage: The smallest pillar of the deck. Targeted removal is important, but not so critical that the deck is built around it. This is the side dish to your main course of the Holy Light.

Now, as we build the deck, we start with cards that can do two of these things simultaneously. For example, Guardian of Kings is both a Soldier and a Heal.

Tactics: You MUST be patient with this deck. As tempting as it is to blow Concecration when there are only two minions on the board, or to equip the Truesilver Champion as soon as you have 4 mana to HIT THE OTHER GUY IN THE FACE! you have to be patient. Wait for the best moment to play a card. Make sure when you play your Holy Light or Guardian of Kings, you get the full 6 out of the heal. When you play Truesilver Champion, make it count, both with the damage, and with the heal. Don't waste your cards. Trade as favorably as you can. But also, there are times when this deck needs to be aggressive. I've thrown Blessing of Kings and Blessing of Might on a Silver Hand Recruit for a sudden 8 damage from nowhere.

What do you think?
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It's pretty good. It looks a lot like how my Paladin deck started out.

Some things I strongly agree with:
-the number of taunts
-hammer of wrath
-hand of protection
-blessing of Might/Kings
-guardian of kings/holy light for heals

What I think your deck has too much of:
-low HP taunts. I'd prefer senjin and/or Booty Bay bodyguard
-low heal battlecry minions
-one too many Truesilver Champs. Personally, I find 1 to be enough

What I think your deck is lacking:
-Equality. I know this point is to be as basic as possible, but this card with concencration.... man
-Blessed Champion. Again, not basic, but opens up some game-ending combos
-A dependable silence or counter/removal. Equality+Concecrate is good. Humility is another option.

Anyway, just some thoughts.
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Here's one I made based on your deck that's a complete starter (all basic) deck.

Blessing of Might (2)
Hand of Protection (2)
Goldshier Footman (2)
Holy Light (2)
Frostwolf Grunt (2)
Novice Engineer (2)
Ironfur Grizzly (2)
Shattered Sun Cleric (2)
Truesilver Champion (2)
Blessing of Kings (2)
Consecration (2)
Hammer of Wrath (2)
Darkscale Healer (2)
Guardian of Kings (2)
Stormwind Champion (2)
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Nice deck. I have never been a patient person but with this deck a little patience goes along way. The last few times I played was the 1st few times the other dude gave up with over 20hp left.
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Not very good. Easily trumped by most mage decks, as they can spend 2 mana to take out your divine shields and other cute tactics.
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Unfortunately I find that most cheap paladin and shaman decks are easily countered by mages board clear.
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You would just have to bait their board removals and polymorphs, as they said, patience is key.
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I enjoyed this deck really much. AS the other guys say, you need some patience. Also my advice would be to switch to some higher level taunts and stick to one Stormwind Champion. Including a EQUALITY also makes it easier. Thanks for the base of my build, anyhow
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