Warrior secrets

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First of all I'd like to say that the warrior is just well balanced for now from my experience.

Just a suggestion when you guys decide to give us some secrets

Spell Reflection - (That is a must, the most fun ability ever)
Reflect the next spell your oponent plays (could also choose the target that is being damaged back)

Intervene - Run to a minion to absorb it's damage ( take 1 or 2 health from the warrior as a fixed damage) much similar to the paladin's secrect that prevents damage but doesn't do damage back to the attacker

Disarm - Destroy a weapon when the oponent casts it or when the opponent attack with it (if he already had a weapon before)

Just throwing some ideas here, those are signature moves of the warrior.

what you guys think, any other ideas?

Bladestorm should appear eventually as a spell as well (maybe a legendary warrior card)
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hahah i like warrior secrets! definitely spell reflect and intervene! but maybe they can also add retaliate or revenge?
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I posted something on hearthpwn a while back exactly like this.

Spell reflect was identical.

I proposed a slightly modified version of Intervene though. I thought it would work well if it was like Noble Sacrifice, but it summons a 1/1 to intervene direct damage to your hero, and your hero gains 2 armor (i love the armor aspect of the class).

I love the disarm idea too although i don't for see anyone using it over an acidic swamp ooze or a harrison jones since they give you board presence as well.

I also wrote something up about bladestorm being a spell. I would love if it was almost like blade fury for rogues, but also with a whirlwind/hellfire flavor to it.

Bladestorm (Epic Spell) Mana Cost 8: Your hero deals his attack damage to all other characters (not himself).

But the big difference here would be that he keeps his weapon/attack damage this turn (like savagery for druids)
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Guys, something like spell reflection will never happen. The design of the game permits interaction with the not active player. Random target would be possible though.
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you could use it at the beginning of your turn then
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09/09/2013 04:03 AMPosted by Kevkong
Guys, something like spell reflection will never happen. The design of the game permits interaction with the not active player. Random target would be possible though.

WTH are you talking about?!?! What do you know about the design of Hearthstone? Who are you to say what is or is not possible in the game... You do know that Blizzard employees supposedly review these forums right?

Anyway, I /sign to the warrior secrets idea. Don't warriors have like a secret code of honor they abide by anyway? Just like any other class? I totally agree with this post and hope it gets considered and implemented in the game.
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Demoralizing Shout: Secret- When an enemy minion with a battlecry effect is played, cancel that battlecry effect.

Parry: Secret- When your hero is attacked, gain armor equal to the attack value of the attacker.
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