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I haven't played hearthstone. So i thought i'd ask those out there that have played it.
If i have a weapon equipped as a warrior, and i use "Heroic strike (Hero +4 attack)" and i swing with my hero does it:
A) do weapon damage + 4
B) allow me to choose which one (Weapon damage OR hero's 4 damage)
C) automatically take the higher value
D)Give my hero two attacks (one with weapon, one with heroic strike's 4 damage?)
E) Just do the weapon OR just do the heroic strike damage.
F) Add the damage to the weapon's attack value (like deadly poison)
then to farther that, if it adds it to the weapon's attack would that give gorehowl +4 swings?
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if you have a 5 attack weapon and you play heroic strike (+4) you do 9 damage

Keep in mind that if you already attacked with your weapon and then use heroic strike you will just waste the heroic strike since your hero already moved to attack

so what happens is that you cant kill a minion with your weapon and then move again with heroic strike to hit another character and vice versa

trust me it happened to me and it sucked lol
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on a side note

I was playing with some cards and decided to test the spell power for warrior's abilities

what I noticed was that whirlwind and cleave benefit from spell power but heroic strike don't

isn't heroic strike a spell and supposed to be treated like one?

I haven't tried with shield block though
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Spell power on benefits spells that do dmg directly. Heroic strike is a stat modifier which increases the atk of your hero.

Unfortunately if u have a weapon equipped and you heroic strike with a weapon equipped it hits with both the weapon and heroic strike on the same target. I wish you could have your weapon not swing so that it isn't wasted when you don't need it but need to kill something with 4 life.
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Spell Power should affect all spells cards, so why call them spell cards ?

Minions Cards and Weapons and Spells. Simple isnt it ?

oh don t forget Spell Powers doesn t affect Ability Hero
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