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hi everyone who plays mage...
Using this deck , las week i had some troubles with paladins.
How u deal on late game against creatures over +6 healthpoints???.
with 1 polymorph ,im forced to use Fireballs to clean the table but when u have to do damage the minions 4*4(like azure drake) are so easy targets on late game.
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I just started 4 days ago and well I don't have great cards or any legendaries other than Mekk coz I spent 1.99$ to get him (you get him for purchasing anything from the store so why not), and Jenkins which I got from a pack.

This one for those of us who are just starting:

1 Arcane Missile 2
1 Mirror Image 1
1 Mana Wyrm 2 (you can use dust they are cheap)
2 Arcane Explosion 2
2 Frostbolt 2
2 Kobold Geomancer 2
2 Novice Engineer 2
2 Sorcerer Apprentice 1
3 Arcane Intellect 2
3 Mirror Entity 1
3 Spell Bender 1 (I use it to protect cards but anything can go)
3 Coldflight Oracle 1
3 Dalaran Mage 1
4 Cone of Cold 2
4 Fireball 2
4 Polymorph 2
4 Ogre Magi 1
4 Water Elemental 1
6 Archmage 1
7 Flamestrike 1

** The idea is not to panic because you will get obliterated at first if you don't get the low cost minions right away but that will stop at around turn 3-4, even 5.

** If you have Mana Wyrm through it out as soon as you can, pump a spell with it and a combo is even better like a Magic Missile and Mirror Image on the second turn and you already have a 3/3 wyrm and 2 tanks - and you just made your opponent say OMGWTF!?!?!

** Don't be afraid to use the engineer or the murlock as they give you cards just like Arcane Intellect does and if you play it right and smart, by turn 4-6 you should have so many spells in your hands that even if the other player has a populated city of minions on his side you can wipe them out with explosions, or use cone of cold in the center to take the most out and freeze the rest.

** Also, you need to control the field so think which times it is better to wipe the board of minions and when it is better to attack the player - sometimes fireballs can target a minion and if you have the apprentice down (-1 spell cost) with a mix of 2 spell power cards (ogre magi, kobold geomancer etc) you take out Gruul, or most of the legendaries the other player will throw at you.

** Polymorph is great, following with an explosion or cone of cold. Also use explosions for divine shields and such and watch a paladin player throw in the towel.

** Try to get as many enemy minions on the field before you use an explosion or other area spells - just don't push it that much and be aware that some cards and spells can increase cards hps or lower yours so don't be greedy.

** Water Elemental is nice because it can freeze minions and players so use it wisely it can give you that extra turn to burn out your opponent.

** Mirror Entity is a nice card and I use it in late game because it might get you a nice copy (I copied Nate Pagle few games ago XD ).

** Do not get stress out if you don't get good cards as it happens. Just keep it calm you might win out of situations that seems impossible at first and get some experience and new ideas this way.

** Some of the cards are just from leveling the mage to level 10. And if you don't have a Spellbender, really anything can do - I just use it to protect my spellpower minions from spells.

So far this deck is helping me farm gold and I win with it about 70-80% of the games - it also not boring because there are so many ways to play it and combinations and always something to do.

Hopefully this helps to new players with no golden legendaries and ubber rare cards like me :) .
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I tried this tweak and it was worse for me lol. im glad it works for you though.
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how can you get the cards?, im a new player and i dont have those cards but i would really like to play a mage deck like this.
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After a long hiatus I will be updating my deck shortly. Stay tuned.
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hey, I'm up for ideas.
Kinda sick of losing with valuemancer atm ><; be nice to get another prosective ^^;
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I don't see how this deck is overpowered? I'm clearly using it the wrong way.

I lose pretty much every match. I clearly lose more than I win. this is very dissapointing.
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This deck is formats old. So many changes have been made to the card since then.
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what is this master and diamond rank ? was this the format of the old ranked gaming?
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04/07/2014 09:30 AMPosted by martinceld
what is this master and diamond rank ? was this the format of the old ranked gaming?


Pro tip: check the dates of the commentaries in the upper right corner.
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I am fairly new to the game but have a decent amount of competitive TCG experience, I was wondering if there was another low-budget deck that could be created that has the same effect as this one here. I won my first couple games, then got placed against people using legendary cards and the such across the board, and I was wondering if there is a way to fill the gigantic holes in my deck without spending too many resources on the game.
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Has this deck been updated yet? It worked for me at first (OP) and then I started to lose. I'm thinking its got old now.

Also if your updating the OP only then please write "LAST CHANGED: DATE" as it will help us. Just a friendly suggestion :)

Also thanks for the epic decks :)
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This deck will get u to rank 10 now only
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What Terratron said. This deck is way outdated against the current meta and just doesn't hold up anymore. Played 5 games with a win/loss ratio of 1/4. Deck is utter junk.
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New meta would like to see the updated version of this deck soon.
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Come back matey, new mages here who need your input,
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Truth is with the meta game things change all the time.Also a lot depends on which class you play and since regular play is not a tourny,you could play against any myriad of decks.
Too many people get fooled by tourny decks where players have a very good idea of what their opponents are playing so their deck building does not need be as versatile as regular players in construction.

Imo Mage is not that good a class,if things go right for the Mage and the opponent has a little trouble they can look decent but when all things equal the Mage is not a very strong class.Perhaps the biggest reason is as usual Blizzard nerfs,when they nerfed Blizzard it made a HUGE difference.

You will see the same thing happen if they nerf UTH,Blizzard can't keep nerfing stuff,it NEVER works out for the best.
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I have this exact deck but it doesnt do well vs rogues and hunters from what I have seen
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