Rogues need to be fixed/nerfed Thread

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Coin shouldn't combo. Agree!
Please don't nerv other cards, the coin is the problem.
Maybe reduce the power of assassins blade, but don't touch the ringleader pls.
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Just look how rogue can win the game in first round
Other than that, rogue has weapons, buffs, good spells, nice minions = everything you need for full control.
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Stealth questing adventurer as you play 0-1 mana cards to buff to to a 20/20 not OP at all.
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Backstab - 0 Mana, Procs combo: Lets you kill a minion and still play your own minion and is a spell so you can turn 1 Kill minion - Coin - Defias- Win Game.

Conceal - 0 Mana, Procs Combo: Kill enemy minion then protect board from retaliation, Summon a High priority card and instantly protect it for free.

Preparation - 0 Mana, Procs Combo: Free Betrayal, Eviscerate(combo), Sap, Headcrack(combo), and blade flurry.

Shadowstep - 0 Mana, Procs Combo: turn 1 coin double Defias.

Edwin VanCleef - 3 Mana, With all of the 0 mana and low cost spells this is an Obsurd card for so little.

To everyone saying i'm picking on the 0 mana cards, that's one of the major reasons Rogue is so crazy, if you have Auctioneer and you play your hard, you can wipe your enemies board and redraw your entire hand while getting board control in return and basically win game at turn 4.

Turn 5: Backstab a minion, Prepartion, Betrayal, Eviscerate another, VanCleef comes in as a 9/9 at turn 5 and you have a Wiped board.

Turn 1: Backstab minion, Coin, Defias Ringleader, Shadowstep, Defias Again. 3 Minions on the field at turn 1 and rogue can kill anything you place on the field for the rest of the game.

The rogue's combos put him to far ahead of the enemy for practically nothing. Unlike for a Warrior, who has similar low costing cards but dosen't get board control in return and loses his entire hand.
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09/03/2013 08:30 AMPosted by Hemo
fully centralize all our

09/03/2013 08:30 AMPosted by Hemo
y all, starting this up to hopefully centralize all our complaints about rogues being too strong in the current iteration. While I don't agree with the claims myself, it would be nice to just have o

09/03/2013 05:12 PMPosted by Gyll
superpowered Edwin VanCleef is close to unbeatable in my experience. With so few ways to interact with it before it kills you, it's very frustrating to lose to. Conceal is sup
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This is the Rogue forum, not the Death Knight forum.

Necromancy isn't cool.
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Sap needs to be nerfed. 2 is wayyyyy to cost efficient.
2x sap late game kills the game when you play one high drop minion.
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Wise fwom your gwave...
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This is rediculous rogue is fine.
Trying to NERF a class that is already balanced is just depressing.
With all the current decks out there the least OP is oil or agrro
Or what ever you wana call it rogue.

Rogues from what I know in WoW are fast and quick. Coin plus ring leader is fast an quick but also, can be Takin care of by a simple explosive sheep.

And come on edwin OP ..... COME ON! Any deck should atleast run one tech card. Example
Iron beak owl swoops in an turns ol 8/8 Ed into a 2/2

Taking away a combo from theeeee combo class silly. Combos are what set rogue apart,
Stealth is a firkkin joke.
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2013 thread and noob necroing topic by stating Sap is op -.-
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Well I wouldn't say the rogue is balanced, defo needs a lot of love, but as far as nerf goes any more nerfs and you may as well delete the rogue class as a option XD
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02/13/2015 01:06 PMPosted by Kim
Sap needs to be nerfed. 2 is wayyyyy to cost efficient.
2x sap late game kills the game when you play one high drop minion.

nice necro retard
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Bring out your dead
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Death does not scare me!
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Head crack can be used every turn forever if used in a combo. Says it gets returned next hand, should be the end of that next hand so that at least it's a slight cooldown. At least that's what I've found but I'm mostly playing against the innkeeper at the moment.
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The Faerie Dragon is still vulnerable cause you are attacking with your weapon and still taking damage.
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02/20/2015 07:41 PMPosted by AlexMako
Oil rogue needs to be nerfed, hard. It's too easy for someone to take 30+ damage from hand with new rogue and something like deckhand+prep+oil+prep+oil+sap any taunt hit face blade flurry evis, and it makes control decks besides druid or warrior impossible to play.

The leeroy+shadowstepx2 combo was nerfed and this is worse since it does more damage for far less mana.

Can't tell if troll or stoopid.
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