Win 2 Battles with Druid

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10/26/2013 09:58 AMPosted by Smash
Druid requires a lot of commons and and even some rares to be "good", but you could probably make an aggro deck with savage roar work.

Sadly, in the end it still inferior version of shaman aggro :(

I dunno about that. I built the savage roar deck I was talking about, and I feel like it's a better card than bloodlust.

Not only does it buff your attack also, it is cheaper to cast and you can potentially cast 2 in 1 turn on turn6-7 if you had them. It's worth the 1 attack hit to have that. Innervate also lets you get some really fast starts that shaman isn't capable of.
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I just wanted to get druid to lvl10, as ftp and nothing crafted and it was an awful experience. AWFUL
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I did master 3 and grandmaster in arena in 1 day, not hard at all. Druid OP
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When I first started playing practice games as a mage, the druid seemed like a pretty good character to play as. However, after trying it for myself I would have to say I completely disagree. As others have said, Druid doesn't seem to do so well without dropping some money on expert packs. And @ about .40c per card I'm not too keen on doing that as I don't see it as a good trade off. That being said I think Druid can be a good class to play as but not without getting some of their rarer cards and maybe this is something Blizzard should consider before this game is released. Like put a few of those choose one cards in the basic deck. Cause right now its not looking to fair for people who want to play Druid without spending money on electronic cards :P
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well, if he has nothing but basic cards i guess... meh... then any class can take a while

but, well constructed Druid decks wreck house kid
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