Warrior Ability vs. Priest Ability

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I believe the warrior's ability is to gain 2 armor, which for all intents and purposes is just life. The priest's is to restore 2 life to a character of choice. Doesn't that make the priest's ability significantly better than the warrior's? I suppose the only advantage the warrior has is that he can gain armor while at 30 health, effectively raising his max health.
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As of currently, armor is indeed an extra health pool that surpasses the 30 health limit. However I have seen plenty of people that will attack an enemy minion with their hero because they FEEL like they won't take damage and their armor absorbs it. Ofcourse there is almost no difference currently between 20 health 5 armor or 25 health.

I do hope to see cards that impact armor itself. minions that absorb your armor and add it to their toughness or battlecries that destroy your enemies armor. Stuff like that.

You are definetly right though. There is not enough difference right now by which the priest's hero power is stronger then that of the warrior.

(if I helped you. send me a beta key!)
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The balance is also not just in class ability. If it were, rogues would be balls. 1-2 damage but I have to eat the enemy weapon to the face? But their class cards are amazing.

edit: And there is something satisfying about having 45 hp :)

edit2: and Shield Slam is a Warrior epic that does damage equal to your armor.
source: http://hearthstone.gamepedia.com/Shield_Slam
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Yes! I had forgotten about the class cards, thank you. Still though, I've noticed a striking balance between all the class abilities. Mage can deal 1 damage, but to ANY character - Hunter can deal 2 damage, but only to the other hero. Rogue can deal 1 damage for the next 2 turns, but will take damage in return if attacking something with attack damage.

So I just thought there was a bit of an unbalance between the Warrior and Priest since the Priest basically has the Warrior ability, just with more possibilities.

@Xelights Thanks for the reply, but I'm not in the beta either! :)
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This is why I think the Warrior should get 2-3 Armor rather than a flat 2, at least giving the possibility of a bonus over the Priest ability.
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I think it comes down to context. It’s not about the strict definition of the power but how it interacts with other cards. Warriors’ armor (effective health) isn’t just buying time, but also enables removal through weapons, and Shield Slam. Similarly Priests’ heal is useful because it enables 3 for 1 trades through high health creatures. As an extreme example, Priests’ heal would be much less powerful if no creature in the game had more than 2 health.

Also consider that ‘being able to use it at full health’ isn’t nearly as important as ‘never having a situation where it is not beneficial,’ even though these both describe the same thing. It’s actually a big problem priests face. If they go first, and don’t have a 2-drop, or strong 1-drop, it can become easy to outpace them. If a warrior has no good turn 1-2 cards, he has wasted 1 potential mana, not 3.
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Armor acts just like life, meaning that, for all intents and purposes, it is just extra health. So, on a first look, it seems that the priest's ability is stronger than the warrior's, simply because the priest can heal anyone he wants.

However, there is something that makes the warrior's hero power just as powerful, if not more so. It is the fact that armor is NOT health. What this means is that you can go over your maximum health of 30 (which is specially useful on second turns). Furthermore, certain cards are affected by the amount of health you have, making the armor a much better alternative to health (ex: Molten Giant).

Now if the priest changes his hero power to "deal 2 damage" (with the help of certain cards in his deck), then it pretty much becomes the best hero power in the game (challenged only by the warlock, but his hero power is hard to quantify), but overall the priest's ability is not stronger than the warrior's.

As far has other classes go, I believe everything is more or else balanced.
Hunters deals 2 unavoidable damage, but can only attack the enemy hero.
The mage only deals 1 damage, but it can attack anything freely and without fear of a counter-attack.
The rogue also deals 1 damage, yet she needs to fear a counter-attack and she can't bypass taunt. She makes up for it by having the ability to upgrade her dagger to a dangerous 2 damage on turn 3 and beyond. Also, her hero power creates a weapon, meaning that it can be buffed by other ability's.
Likewise, druids deal 1 damage and also fear counter-attacks and taunts. They make up for this by also gaining 1 armor, which they can stack.
The paladin can create a 1/1 minion, which helps with board control (like any minion, they can also be buffed).
The shaman also creates minions, but the totems also give him beneficial stats (except for one). The bad thing is that they cannot normally attack (except for one) an the effect is random.
Lastly, the warlocks can draw one card, which is the most powerful resource in the game. The bad thing is that they also take 2 damage in addition to the mana cost.

There are always good things and bad things associated to hero powers. While some have higher numbers, others have versatility, which is pretty good considering that board control and card advantage are king in this game.

TL/DR: Both hero powers are more or less equal in usefulness. It will always depend on the situation at hand.
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Warrior's hero power indeed seems a bit lacking, but I couldn't think of anything that could make it only a bit better and not overcomplicated comared to others.

Maybe they should add a bit more synergy like shield slam, but again not to the point that such cards will always be used in warrior decks.

Overall there is a slight disbalance but it seems acceptable.

I wonder what if hero powers cost 3 mana, then they could've balanced them better...
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I think the Warrior hero power is quite powerfull already in end game in comparason with other Heroes.

In end game where you got lots of mana and only so much cards you can play you can basically do a hero power every turn, boulding up Armor possibly past your 30 hp maximum (When preventing much damage).

The practice Warrior uses a lot of taunting or strong minions in end game, while you are dealing with them he keeps building up protection. Making him hard to kill. Best strategy I come up so far is to avoid long games with wariors if you have a weaker hero power like Mage (One damage can only kill mobs who have 1 hp left, which I don't find that often) or the randomized totems of Shaman. (Haven't tried all starter decks jet).

Have anyone succeeded defeating Garrosh in Practice mode in a few attempts using a default deck instead of a custom one?

I suggest to 'cap' the armor you can build up up to like hp + armor <= 32 or something.
The priest abilty can't heal past the 30 live of your hero or any max live of any mob, healing low max hp minion in end game is weak, guess its very strong if you can heal up taunters and have that minion who gives a card when you heal.

Buffing it to 2-3 armor would make it quite overpowered in end game I guess.
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