Shaman deck building

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What sort of direction are you folks going with your Shaman decks? I've been playing around with some builds on HearthPwn and I've been finding myself having mostly ability cards with a lower minion threshold. I've seen some streamers do the same and it seems to work out. What sort of balancing do you guys see for your shaman decks?

This is what I'm thinking about running this but may be too ability heavy;51:1;77:2;124:1;172:1;174:2;214:2;216:1;256:2;270:1;390:2;410:1;491:2;526:1;530:2;636:1;663:2;676:2;679:2;
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The shaman is a really nice deck, with a number if different roads to go down.

I see you're aiming for buffing the unbound elemental with overload, which i personally feel to be unreliable, but it can get some nice results.

This here is the deck I plan on working towards, stacking on the stealth minions and buffing them for a swift win.

Imo you can get rid of one of those bloodlusts, and time it for a time where you can get a kill.

I think i'd also swap out a direct damage spell like Lightning bolt for Windfury, and use it on the minion you buff with Rockbiter.

Edit: I'm sure you know this already but try to stack all the buffs together, benefitting most from the one turn only from bloodlust and rockbiter.
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This my deck that has been roflstomping for a few days now.
I don't have king monkey in there yet. But as soon as I can craft him.

The overload minion is way too unreliable as posted above.
I have also learned that the one that pulls the most silences wins the games the majority of the time.
Your deck also needs to drop something and get that second hex. Hex is our bread and butter.
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I changed up a few things, but I think I may need a few heavier hitters, but for starting out this looks better than the first one.
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Imho replace 1 Feral Spirit for a heavier hitter if you feel, It's a great card, but you should only really need one of those, unless you go against a really stubborn deck :P

Alot of spells are a case of will you need them or not, it depends on what your opponent has as to what you can replace, so with spells like lightning storm, I'd personally get another big hitter, like ravenholdt assassin, but if the opponents deck warrants it, 2x lightning storms could be pretty invaluable, so it's hard to say.
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I am just killing today with this deck. Lot's of attack buffs, wind fury, and taunt minions at various mana costs. Give it a whirl.;390:2;491:2;146:2;564:2;270:2;502:2;636:2;414:2;27:2;151:2;603:2;434:2;256:2;663:2;
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Yesterday i pwned Some games:

First one: stormwind champion + 2 rockbitter weapons+ windfury + bloodlust is good for 30 damage :)

Second one: had like all totems Some minions that gives + 1 attack and bloodlust They were good for a 24 damage.

What i can advice is: Throw in protectors until you can Throw a big hitter buffed with windfury , rockbitter and or bloodlust.

Had a laugh while i was on 2hp and enemy on full health until i hit him 2 times 15 damage in one round :)
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I’m using a variation on this deck suggested by Ogrums (

2x Earth Shock
2x Rockbiter Weapon
1x Acidic Swamp Ooze
1x Faerie Dragon
2x Flametongue Totem
2x Novice Engineer
2x Hex
2x Lightning Storm
2x Earthen Ring Farseer
1x Mana Tide Totem
2x Chillwind Yeti
2x Dark Iron Dwarf
2x Spellbreaker
2x Windspeaker
1x Bloodlust (Can replace this with whatever you want.)
2x Azure Drake
2x Fire elemental

(hearthpwn link:;42:2;74:1;77:2;128:2;151:2;213:1;256:1;270:2;280:1;390:2;435:2;491:2;557:2;613:2;636:2;676:2;)

I’ve replaced the bloodlust with a feral spirit. It’s a nice intermediate level, with four (or five) rares, some of which I had already. Only 2-star diamond so far, but having no trouble climbing. The author claims to have reached 3-star masters twice with it, and I believe him/her. Eventually, I might replace either a drake or the wolves with a Doomhammer.
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Have used a variety of shaman decks,wich where not realy shaman decks but more a combination of the good normal cards with the best shaman cards.
There is one card wich i dont have and wich is essential for every shaman deck imo.
It is....


This card is the core of the whole shaman class, without this card it is verry difficult to deal with the overload effects in a fluent way.
Might go craft the card from dust,shaman is my favorit class by far but it seems difficult to make a real shaman deck with only a small amount of normal cards.
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I just don't find Farsight to be reliable enough. Do I really want to draw an Earth Shock for zero? I'd rather have it in my hand already without having to spend the 3 on the Far Sight. It aspires to be a card that replaces its cost, but it really doesn't. If you're locked into 4 mana because of a Lightning Bolt in the prior turn and use Far Sight to pull an Earth Elemental, you're still 1 mana short of getting him down because you had to use 3 on the Far Sight in the first place. And you would have just drawn that EE next turn or perhaps would have had him in your hand in place of the Far Sight. It seems to be intended to be kind of a tutor (cf. MTG) but without the ability to seek a specific card or cards, it's not and kinda just takes up a slot in your deck that could be something more useful.;51:2;77:2;124:2;128:2;131:2;172:1;214:2;256:2;270:2;310:2;390:2;613:2;636:2;676:2;679:1;

I've been tweaking the above. It's mostly about midgame control and taking advantage of the fact that we'll always have minions on the field, even if they're just totems (thus, the Champions and Dwarves.) I'm fine with two Bloodlusts because I've won games casting both. Leaving it as a dead card in your hand, waiting for the kill shot, isn't the way to play it, IMO. If I can do 10 in a turn to my opponent with nothing but totems and one other creature, I'm going to do it, especially if I have an Auctioneer down, since he might just draw me into the other one. I think both the Auctioneers and Mana Tide might be a bit of overkill, but it keeps me loaded with Overload cards for the Elementals who grow to pretty grotesque size fairly often.
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Hmm you are right about the farsight, i kinda forgot you can also draw things like rockbiter.
I am still stuck at 3-4 mana quiet often though,maybe its because of the spirit wolves.
Saw chanmanv play his shaman deck last night wich was quiet interesting.
Placing a tiger on the field at 5 and then next turn windfurry+bufs like rockbiter and abusive sergeant to hit for 10-20 in 1 turn. It is verry gimmicky (like the hunter deck) but its verry difficult for the opponent to stop it (cant realy kill the tiger)
Think i will try something like this today. Control style for the first turns (shaman is awesome at control with their cheap spells) and then buff a stealth creature at turn 5-7.
Doomhammer weapon i dont like so much annymore,(though i had a few nice wins with it) you can not realy play the combo before turn 7 as holding the weapon sec is kinda risky,and the weapon is also suprisingly bad as removal because you will take way to much damage.
The 2/3 weapon i also dont rank as high as i used to do, 2 damage is just 1 damage to low for manny annoying creatures. Its only good against 3/2,s
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The low damage on the Axe is part of why I play the Doomhammer. If I really need to take damage to the face, then I'm going to make sure I get rid of what need it. 2 damage is an early-game thing where I already have plenty of cheap removal. 4 damage means you can get rid of something that really needs it or put the finishing touch on an opponent. It's not essential and is likely one of the first cards I'll cut when it comes to more tweaking, but I still think it works better for the deck than the Axe, not least because of the Overload to boost the Unbounds.

I like the tiger idea. I just tend to avoid decks that try to build up one big minion with buffs because a) you need the buffs in hand to make it work, which means you're not playing them in other situations that may work better in a tactical sense for the endgame and b) the chance of spot removal getting rid of the creature you just dumped your hand on is way too high. The tiger gets around that because of stealth, obviously, but one Stoneclaw totem can waylay that plan for another turn and if you run into a Mage with Vaporize, you may be screwed (Played a Priest pre-patch. He did the PWS/Divine Spirit/Inner Fire thing and attacked me with a 24/24. Vaporize. Went back in the queue and played him again and he did it again. Vaporize.) Different control approaches, I guess.
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I've been playing Artosis's control deck but its not very good in the masters league. I only win with really good RNG. Other than that shaman is bad.
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08/28/2013 05:08 PMPosted by Dasham
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I run this deck (with small mods here and there)

x2 (1) Rockbiter
x2 (2) Stormforged Axe
x2 (2) Knife Juggler, Ooze or Faerie Dragon (Depending)
x2 (2) Loot hoarder
x2 (2) Novice Eng.
x2 (2) Flametongue totem
x2 (3) Feral Spirit
x2 (3) Hex
x2 (3) lightning storm
x2 (3) Mandtide
x2 (3) Shattered sun Cleric
x2 (4) Spell Breaker
x2 (4) Windspeaker
x1 (5) Earth Ele.
x1 (5) Bloodlust
x2 (6) Fire Ele.

Pretty simple and as I have said, at 3* masters goes around 10-12 out of 15 wins suffering mainly vs warlocks and hunters.

Early game is all about card draw. The idea that works is that I always have control because I am drawing for it. I also am not afraid to bait out removal on a mana-totem. If it draws one card and absorbs a hard removal (SW:Pain etc) then it has 2 for 1ed.

I keep wanting to introduce something higher and may do once I get a Ysera or Rag. But for now it functions how I like.
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What sort of direction are you folks going with your Shaman decks? I've been playing around with some builds on HearthPwn and I've been finding myself having mostly ability cards with a lower minion threshold. I've seen some streamers do the same and it seems to work out. What sort of balancing do you guys see for your shaman decks?

This is what I'm thinking about running this but may be too ability heavy
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Don't know how crazy it sounds, but I would add 1-2 Brewmasters to that list. Not sure instead of what, or just add it to the juggler/ooze/fdragon lineup. You have at least 10 cards that could possibly combo with them, that's not a bad number in my opinion.
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I personally like using a decent mixture of early game control cards (i.e. Lightning Bolt, Earth Shock, Stormforged Axe, etc.). I mix in some early mid-game minions, particularly ones that provide buffs (since I can play the buffs off totems), Stormwind Champion being a great example of this. The "kill" condition for my deck is generally building up a Bloodlust board. I tend to go less the token generation route and more the "protect your totems" route to this. The token generation decks tend to be FAR more aggressive and can overwhelm an opponent before they can react but are far more susceptible to board clears; I play a lot of cards that are over the aoe range (though obviously you'll never outrange things like Flamestrike).

By the way, you should try squeezing a second Fire Elemental into your deck. It's arguably just about the best minion in the game.
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