Mind Control...

I agree with your general point here, but to be fair, removal cards can be worth more than 10 mana. To use an extreme example, Siphon Soul, since it heals for 3, is worth more than 10 mana if used on an EXTREMELY high cost card (since a heal of 3 is roughly worth 1.5 mana).

From a more practical perspective though, a buffed high-value minion is worth more than 10. For example, take a War Golem and give it Blessing of Kings.

Now, don't get me wrong, I agree with your point; the main uniqueness to MC is that it essentially doubles the value of whatever it's used on, both removing that card from the opponent then giving it to you. It's not always quite doubling since you don't get the effect of any battlecry (i.e. MC'ing Onyxia is not an 18 point swing; the enemy still has the Whelps). I'm just pointing out that it's not impossible for other removal cards to be worth over 10 mana.

yea, you are right, there are some other cards that might be worth more than 10, but in my opinion none of them puts the opponent in such a bad spot as MC does (and BoK can increase the value of a minion over 10 ok, but not in the same turn when you play the minion cause you have 10 mana cristals max!).
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Mind control is extremely overpowered right now.

1) First they take control of a creature, which takes one from your side and adds one on their side (that is effectively 2 for 1).

2) Second the action effectively adds "Charge" to their creature play. Since they get to immediately use the creature. This is a rather powerful side effect.

3) Finally they effectively get to pick your strongest creature.

The combination is overpowered.

Personally I don't know how this card passed approval. Its extremely broken and wins games in itself.


I had a priest vs warlock match and I had the match well under control until two back to back mind controls turned the whole game around uncontrollably. As a warlock there was absolutely no counter. Simply put they take your strongest creature, and then immediately attack you or your second strongest creature (leaving you two creatures down, one of which is still up to attack you) plus what ever else they had out.

There is very little support that this card isn't broken when held onto into late game. And no card will currently "counter" it that I'm aware of since the combination of stealing your largest minion and being able to use it immediately is so very broken.


I'm not even sure that giving the minion one turn of "sickness" would be enough to make the card fair. Personally I would change the card so one turn of summoning sickness (can't attack for one turn) was added and make the targeting random, and then lower the mana cost. The card would require setup/planning rather than be utterly broken lategame.

Anyway I also closed heartstone after seeing the card. I'm not a fan of playing games with extreme balance breakages like this. I can wait a patch or two till they fix the issue. And if they don't there are games where my time is better spent.
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Agreed its completly broken and ppls who defend it shouldnt be in a beta of a game if they just want to keep their op abilities from the class they are only playing.

You should be honest and dont act like kids :/. MC is broken, there isnt even a discussion about it, the question is now just how to balance it out.

And I play myself a priest, well in fact I like to play every class so its not that I want something nerfed because I dont have it myself. It just destroys the fun especially in arena :(.
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I think the whole class is a piece of crap. All these people who use the defense "well just don't use big creatures" or "use agro decks" or use 4 attack creatures etc etc it's just ridiculous. You are using the defense of Build your deck to counter priest as a defense that something isn't broken. If you build your whole deck around one class, I'd consider it broken, even if you can beat it. And priests are beatable sure... I hate MC as much as the next guy, I also hate the easy removal, the easy taking of all my creatures, the taking a card from my hand(ugh)... I REALLY hate thoughtsteal. Such a buzz kill. The whole class is irritating and sucks to play against, and I'm not all that interested in playing it.
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I have a idea,
Mind Control should take the number of mana that equal to the life of the creature that you want to take control.

(I'm Chinese, So the lest advisement might have a little bit grammatical error, But I really hope you could read this)

For example, if I want to use Mind Control to get the Wing of Death, which have 12 point life, you should have 12 mana to make it. So, if you really want to get that, you need firstly attack the Wing of Death, make it life below 10.

I believe such adjustment is really reasonable, because it means the creature you want to control is too powerful, so you do not have enough mana to control it. It make sense in the real world, isn't it?
And, when we attack such powerful creature, let it become infirmity, then we could control it, it is also reasonable.

MOST important thing is that we could have more opportunities to defeat the Priest who use MIND CONTROL, for example. IF we using the Wing of Death, (OK, it is a good example) we at least have 1 chance to attack the Priest.

I believe it is a good adjustment, not only for Priest, but also for all of players.

This is a really good balance idea. A tradable cost would be great along with a turn cap like use for 3 turns then discard. If you have a high level priest you could add modifiers to this card and other class specific cards.
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Lol, they should make a forum for people to vent on about priests. I personally play warlock and never have much trouble with priests; they're actually quite fun to play against. No, I don't run a deck specifically meant to beat priests, but I just know what to expect, play accordingly, and hold onto cards (gratuitous spamming of warlock ability for card advantage helps too). I'm saddened that the community has decided to gang up on priests over the issue of 3 or so cards.

One of the things that kind of irritates me is the general mindset of this community. When you see something that is amazingly strong in other games, the worst players are the ones whining about that particular strategy, better players are usually the ones who use it, and the best are the ones who know what to expect and how to deal with it. Here, though, people just whine, moan, groan, cry, and rage fanatically until the developers give in and change something to suit their need to "make the game easier." It happened with WoW, and it happened with D3, and now it's happening with hearthstone. Sorry, I love blizzard games, but what I see is that this community just represents the wussification of this gaming community.

Lastly, they already announced the nerf for MC due out soon. But I already know that this wont be enough. Many of you will still complain endlessly about how this card is so unfun, unfair, and completely broken. You'll just continue to argue that the nerf isn't enough, and that there needs to be additional penalties or a complete removal of those annoying priest removal mechanics. Me? I'll just keep running my soul siphons and twisting nethers. Thank you for your time, and yes: i'm ready for the uber flaming I'm gonna get for this post.
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11/20/2013 10:54 AMPosted by TaintedShadw
Thank you for your time, and yes: i'm ready for the uber flaming I'm gonna get for this post.

So generally... your better than everyone else and we should all LTP, you coulda saved yourself some typing and just said that.
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I'm not necessarily better than everyone else. You all just need to calm down and enjoy the game for what it is :)
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Lightspawn & Lightwell (seriously - at 5 starting health?!?!) combo as early as possible, Thoughtsteal and Mind Control ruin my day, every day.

Not to mention the double clerics to support this !@#$ and overflow with cards.

A warrior just can't kill these things fast enough ...
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When you play against priest you know you can't simply summon lvl 7+ minions.
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The card is really BS, in constructed most of the time is totally usless, but when they play something really powerfull its value goes over the roof and it can turn a loosing game into a win. In arena similar, some of the time it will do nothing but vs any deck that plays creature enchantmets like druid or a paladin its just 4 or 5 for 1. I know players should play around it but im some situations when 2 of you are in top deck mode that cant be done really.
The card should be changed really just to become usefull in more situations then it is now and not to be something that will win other games regardless what will your oponent play. Also it can gratly discorage people to play big minions and make control decks around them. Whats the use of me playing a legendary dragon when some prist will MC it on his turn.
The card in my opinion should be 6 mana and take a control of oposing minion for one turn it can attack this turn. That way you can take their minion and kill of some other minion or deal that last bit of damage and so on. Its ok for that card to be 2 for 1 or similar but its not ok for it to ruin some oponents and to be totally usless vs others.
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When i play against priests i concede. They still are op with their destroy minion with 3- oe 5+ attack mindcontrol, 2x nortshire cleric + holy nova. wombo combos into anything.
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please start leaning the game.

start by reading articles at Teamliquid!


maybe start with this one!

after that, read about the priest one:

and you will find out: Priest = bad right now.

Priest need early game buff
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I don't think that the priest is OP, but just because priest can't insta deal with 4 attack minions doesn't mean they are weak to mid game minions. Mind control is just a hail mary card that other classes do not have, its ridiculous and should be replaced by something less broken. To gain control of any minion (except cloaked i think) is so much better than any other removal and it seems to always be good value, even if the controlled minion is killed next turn. It is inevitable vs priests, so much so that I feel like conceding as soon as i get matched against one because I know, unless they get unplayable cards, I'm going to lose. I dont think its a fun class to play as or against at the moment but then mage is the same in spite of the nerf so I think some rethinking is necessary dear blizzard. point being, IMO mind control should be changed because it makes the late game vs priest unwinnable in a lot of scenarios, too much value. Now I guess imma go get preisted in arena :(
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Mindcontrol and SW:Death continue to be overpowered.

It is just no fun to play against priest.

Even if somehow I get a string of luck and beat one, it does not feel good for me - I know it was either me being lucky, or I it is pretty obvious the other guy was crap playing his cards the way he did.
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Playing a slow deck relying on big monsters to win the game is literally impossible against ANY priest deck. !@#$ing most frustrating card in the whole game pls fix.

edit: Priest is not OP and neither is mindcontrol, its just plain 0 fun and got me to stop playing many times.
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LOL just happend to my pally-hi teke control of my Tirion Fordring ( babl ) kill him and got Ashbringer wep and kill me, and tell pls what the reason to play any class and collect legendary cards (spend money for it) if it can be so easly controled, lol - priest with Ashbringer, were did u see in wow that ?
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mind control make u loss your money blizzard, because this make nobody want to buy good card from u and just go play priest. easy. please remove this card blizzard or nerf it for only 1 one turn. 10 mana is still not nerfing the card's effect. u should worry when lot of people play preist, because u should know that most of them play for free.
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Its called using some strategy and !@#$%ing on the forum is not a acceptable tactic for your victory's.
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