Pure weapon damage deck?

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Anyone thought of Warrior deck with full Weapon boost deck, focusing on clearing board with Brawl and just going straight damage?

Something like:
2 x Upgrade weapon 1/1
2 x Fiery War Axe
2 x Arcanite Reaper
2 x Gorehowl
2 x Mortal Strike
2 x Heroic Strike
2 x Whirlwind
2 x Execute
2 x Brawl
2 x Acolyte of Pain
2 x Wild Pyromancer
2 x Cleave
2 x Grom Hellscream
2 x Shield Block
2 x Shield Slam

Obviously Wild Pyromancer for board clear and Acolyte for card gain. I can't test this cause I miss like 20 of those mentioned cards :(.
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I was thinking of a similar idea, and while it is fun to play, I just don't have the cards to make it reliable either.
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It won t work, if you get frozen, you cannot attack, don t forget !
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Only Mage can use Frost spells, and your minions would be frozen anyway by 2 of 4 of frost spells.

You can still use Whirlwind, Cleave and Pyromancers. You don't have to rely on hero attacks.
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You can't run 2x Grom. Also, your hand is going to get choked with weapons, especially if you're also running Upgrade!. Even in a weapon-centric deck I wouldn't run more than 4.
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u dont need that many weapons, you cant use 2 in 1 turn.
also any taunts will make you kill yourself too fast.

i think you would need armorers to help u there, and kobolds for spellpower.
still, doubt u could make it viable
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Hunters and Rogues are best suited for weapon strategies. Also you forgot Spite Smith
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It's an interesting concept deck...but I don't see it as viable either, for the above mentioned reasons, plus:

- when you attack a minion, which you will be doing a lot - you take damage.
- it depends too much on brawl - when you need it, you won't draw it, and you'll just die.
- decks with low cost minions are just going to smack you around. Rogues especially will just put out their defias round 1 combo, followed by 2 or 3 more creatures in the next 2 rounds, and by then you're dead.
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So I have decided to make my arms warrior deck and so far it works pretty well. I do have my losses do to terrible draws or bad mistakes, however the deck is fun and I do win a decent amount of time. My deck still needs work and I'm trying to figure out ways to make it a tad bit more solid.

So far I have:
Execute x2
Shield Slam x2
Upgrade x2
Whirlwind x2
Fiery war axe x2
Battle Rage x2
Cleave x2
Heroic Strike x2
slam x2
bloodmage Thalnos
Loot Hoarder
Novice Eng x2
Shield Block x2
Mortal Strike
Arcanite reaper x2
Gadgetzan Auctioneer
Harrison Jones

Not sure what to change out I have used a few options that didn't really help though.
Armorsmith, acolyte, arathi weaponsmith have not had much luck in here.
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