Taunt totems in row...

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Just lost a game vs Shaman who was really strong with cards, slamming taunt elementals like crazy in end and I throw Deathwing BANG.

I also runned out of cards at that time, so my only chance is to hit him down.

He was 22 health and I managed to hit with Deathwing once, then he just spammed taunt. Bear taunt, another bear, surprisingly lucky Taunt totem, surprisingly lucky Taunt totem, Ancestral spirit on totem and so on.

I had !@#$ing 9 turns to make 1 hit, but I got like 5 taunt totems during that time.

Aren't all totems supposed to be like 25% chance to drop?

Why is Shaman totems so strong anyway. Like isn't it enough u get free heal but you have to have 2 health also!??!??

I'm so !@#$ing tired of fighting against Shamans..
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The downside of the shaman ability is that most of the time they're thinking, please please please let me get lucky. No other ability has this downside so it's onl natural that they at least have a chance at having an over powered ability (when lucky).
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Plus they can only have one of each of the four totems in play. If he had the other 3 out, the taunt is the only one that will be summoned.
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I'm pretty sure that I've seen Shaman having 2 of same totems. Can someone confirm statement of the one above?
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I'm referring to the basic totems that come from the shaman hero power. It's definitely possible to have multiple Flametongue or Mana Tide Totems out, but the only way I know of getting multiple basic totems is to copy them via Faceless Manipulator or stealing one from an opposing Shaman with Sylvanas.

If you have all 4 basics out, you cannot activate the shaman hero power. Occasionally, it's a good idea to silence one of the troublesome basic totems without killing it just so you know they can't pop another one out. This can come back and bite you since Shaman have several ways to increase a totem's attack.
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i'm not saying this is the case for you, but many people fail to realize that only one totem of each type can be summoned at a time. As such, its much easier to control which totem is spawned than some people may think.
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