It was beyond glorious.

I just received an invitation to the Beta so I've been doing Practice fights versus the AI mostly. This was my first real fight with my custom deck. The Druid started off pretty strong, although he popped his heals too early. He got me down to literally 1 HP, when I noticed he ran out of nukes and most of his cards.

I built my deck on minions mostly. So when I hit 1 HP, I armored up, popped a Dragonling mechanic, a Murloc Tidehunter, Core Hound and went to town. He was still standing strong with 27 HP and some armor. But when I finally dropped a Frostwolf Warlord (who was going completely beast mode from the attack power) I took him down in one turn.

Link to the Ghetto Deck v1.0:

Warriors are awesome in WoW, and they're just as good in Hearthstone!
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