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im thinking that 2 sense demon should replace the gnomish inventors
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Thanks! this really helped me figure out warlocks. a few losses but it got me an arena run. And that arena run got me some great cards to improve it.

Corruptions x2
Mortal Coil x2
Voodoo Doctor x2
Voidwalker x2
Acidic Swamp Ooze x2
Bloodmage Thalmos
Kolbold Geomancer
Drain Life x2
Shadow Bolt x2
Ironfur Grizzly x2
Gnomish Inventor x2
Ogre Magi x2
Booty Bay Bodyguard x2
Fen Creeper
Lord of the Arena x 2

so far its undefeated but im new to this game and am probably just playing against noobs

Luck or good build?
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10/28/2013 06:50 AMPosted by Moriinsomn
Either take Bodyguard or Lord of the Arena out and replace them with Taz'Dingo.

You don't need four offensive taunt minions.

Taz'Dingo? there is no card with this name what are you talking about??
I have problems playing warlocks with the starter deck so i will try this out.

Taz Dingo is the affectionate nickname for the Sen'jin Shieldmasta. It's what he say when you play him. It's an excellent 4 drop defensive taunt card to have in a deck.
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I made about two or three card adjustments but oh my. I've won 9 games with no losses in a row with this deck
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Your deck is awsome, but i made a slight change to it and made it to fit what I was going for :) also i did not have dread infernal lol. Instead of that i threw in the demolisher and the flesheating ghoule and have not lost a single game and won 5 games in a row so far in arena :). Ty btw.
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Anyone go an upgrade on this deck using more advanced cards?
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he means sen'jin shieldmaster
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I love it. Thanks for deck.
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Tried the deck now. Lost 2 games in a row vs druids where they both still had over 20hp left at the end. Depressing but seems I have no idea what I'm doing.
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Thanks .... This Deck is amazing ..... ( but i think warlock is a weak class ) ...
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Not saying that it's a terrible choice but what could be alternatives to corruption?
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07/06/2015 09:40 PMPosted by OcramBro
Not saying that it's a terrible choice but what could be alternatives to corruption?

No, you are right. Try Soul Fire or Dark Bomb if you already have it
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I tried this deck and I love it. These cards are really basic though and I would like to implement some of my more advanced cards (altough I don't have many of them yet). What changes would you recommend?

Here are some ideas:
-2x Voodoo Doctor, +2x Leper Gnome
- 2x Swamp Ooze, +2x Faerie Dragon
-2 Gnomish Inventor, +1x Dark Iron Dwarf and +1x Piloted Shredder
-1x Booty Bay, +1x Fen Creeper

What do you think about -Bear + Tauren Warrior?

The rest works fine.
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