Glorious win against Pally

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So there I was...
Playing a enraged deck, things were going pretty good at first.
He played his 1 drop taunt, killed it, attached my Fiery War Axe, gave him 1 to the face, and another to drop a big butted taunt. We kept trading back and forth, then it started to get bad when he threw down his draw cards, I was able to get him down toabout 15, while sitting nicely on my 28. Then thats when his heals started...Boom, HEAL! Boom HEAL! He was soon back up to his 30, and I started on the downhill slide. I was getting frustrated, puffing on my e-cig vigoriously and cursing blizzard for putting out the Gurubashi Berserker. He hit me HARD for 9, Then pumped it with a spell and giving it one damage. I had a Inner rage, Cleave and BOOM in came execute. Yeah buddy! Hit him for one, he pumped, I swiped that big boy off the board, slammed that cleave, and cleared the board. He had also blew his load thinking I was done, oh no. Not this warrior. So now we're top decking, so what happens to show its beautiful face? Gore howl, boom hit him, he starts laying down his 1/1's, gave one divine shield, silenced the shield with Iron Beak,<br/><br/>I end up with Raging Wargon, pumped by Dark Iron Dwarf, and right my turn he bites down on his pill and leaves. <br/><br/>It was pretty satisfying after a whole night of getting my !@# kicked.
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Posts: 205
Also, any blue posters, whats up with this? html on my post? bugs?
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