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Banners that buff health and damage
More tanky minions that synergize with weapons equipped
It is very hard to have a minion early game that survives long enough for you to use Rampage on, or Battle Rage.
Battle Rage needs to be changed to a fixed amount but requires that there are at least two damaged minions on the field, how does that sound?
Battle Rage - Everytime this minion attacks you draw a card.
Battle Rage - Everytime this minion takes damage, draw a card.

Obviously the theme is "Charge in and Enrage" like what you do in World of Warcraft.
But I remember we had spell reflect and healing over time abilities to keep us alive.

Bloodthirst, gives all friendly minions bloodthirst which gives them 1 health everytime they attack (or two health, but that would be too extreme).

Defensive Stance - Reduce all damage taken by two until your next turn.

Reflect Spell - Secret that reflects spells that are not global (with global I mean spells that affect both players).
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I like the idea of a banner,

Defensive Banner - 2 mana

Battle Cry: Target Friendly minion gains taunt

Static effect: Other Friendly minions have +1 health


Something akin to blood imp but more easily removable, and because of that more used to insure minions enrage and live

Skull Banner - 2 mana

Other friendly minions get +1/1

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