My Self-Destruct Deck

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I think this is the most succesful deck I have made of any class as of yet. Any suggestions of how to make it even stronger? One of the reasons I think it works well is it has a lot of combos that will draw out the Polymorphs/etc early. A lot of this deck involves using my cards to deal damage to my own guys to pump them up, and I believe the huge amount of variety and a decent cost curve helps keep it flexible and keep the momentum up. Lots of charge, draw, and enrage stuff in here.

0 Charge (2x)
1 Execute (2x)
1 Whirlwind
1 Eleven Archer (2x)
2 Fiery War Axe
2 Battle Rage
2 Slam
2 Amani Berserker
2 Cruel Taskmaster
2 Knife Juggler
2 Loot Hoarder (2)
3 Shield Block
3 Acolyte of Pain
3 Ironfur Grizzly
3 Questing Adventurer
3 Raging Worgen
3 Warsong Commander
4 Kor'kron Elite
4 Sen'jin Shieldmasta
4 Arcanite Reaper
5 Gurubashi Berserker (2x)
6 Sunwalker (2x)
7 Core Hound
20 Molten Giant

What would you change?
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i'd add another warsong commander and 2 youthful brewmasters. for 7 mana you'll do 30 damage with no taunt creatures on the board with only one of the giants. drop warsong commander, drop giant, hit with giant, ping it back with brewmaster, hit with brewmaster, cast giant again, hit with giant.

i'd also drop in inner fire's. gurubashi berserker + charge + inner fire means you hit for a 7/6. and gives you another guarenteed dmg to the berserker to target him with rampage.

you can also inner fire an enemy target for an execute too
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Not bad suggestions. What do you think I could pull out to make room for those?
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