Fireball + Pyroblast damage

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This is the heart of playing a control deck: card advantage tactics, and timing. Yes, there is always the random factor, for instance I've gone games without drawing any of my aoe spells, and ended up losing horribly. There have also been times where I've top-decked exactly the right card in exactly the right moment. But it doesn't happen all the time, that is the only 'rng' here. I've had one opening hand with 2 Flamestrikes in it, swapped them out for a Flamestrike (and another card) to take my first turn to draw a Flamestrike.

I'd like to see a minion-less deck be both viable and competitive. My favorite deck in MtG was blue control as well, with a variety of color mixtures. I always like to try new things, so my decks often change from day to day.
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Beside all the troll I agree that mage's Pyro and fireblast hit too hard
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Favorite deck of all time was a blue/black deck running Bottled Cloister-Ensnaring Bridge, Underworld Dreams-Teferi's Puzzle Box. Coupled with Boomerangs and Howling Mines.
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The mage has a few spells that are simply far too cost effective for what they do. Pyroblast and flamewave are two of them.
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Playing Pyro means he has no protection that turn, or at most, a 2* mob.

If you play a 8* mob that same turn, you would easily win the trade. If you dont, or it got sheeped then you're outplayed, move on.
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The mage has a few spells that are simply far too cost effective for what they do. Pyroblast and flamewave [sic] are two of them.

I find it curious that you mentioned the two most expensive mage spells as being "cost effective." They are powerful spells but I don't think I'd describe them as cost effective. The price is right for what they deliver.
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For what it's worth: I'm playing a relatively aggressive Mage deck atm and even playing it, it feels like simply being able to get lucky sometimes with getting 2 fireballs and a pyro, as that just means the first 8 damage my 2 mana critters did at the beginning of the game was just enough already to be lethal (that plus, freeze stuff, to make sure you don't die before turn 8, which is imo pretty easy as a mage).

So idk, I'd agree there's certainly this sort of lucky winning due to pyro and fireball drawing early enough.

On the other hand, when playing against a mage, you usually can't be too aggressive, as there's always the risk when putting creatures on the board, that they get killed by their AoE, so I wouldn't know how to play againt a mage except putting stuff down and pray they don't get their pyro's and fireballs too early (or don't get their AoE).

All in all a pretty frustrating matchup at the moment imo as it feels like a lot of it has to do with simply them not having a few specific cards at the right time (or IF you play around those cards, then you also have to hope they don't have some specific OTHER cards instead)
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09/15/2013 03:35 PMPosted by Xanthazar
You can't counter spells unless you have some fancy secret.

Or pack some healing spells in your deck.
I have a pretty decent tempo destroying deck that has a lot of heals for that purpose alone.
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Within the first few turns, you'll know what kind of mage you are playing. You then have about five turns to prepare for the worst. I can tell when I'm playing someone who knows that mage style. Those wins are about 50/50.

I do feel bad (just a little bit) when it looks clear to the opponent that they'll win and then I drop pyro with +4 sp. But I had to sit there for 8 rounds thinking very hard about how to even get to turn 8 while my health is draining slowly (or very quickly sometimes). It can be a bit of a gamble for a mage to plan on using it.
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09/17/2013 08:03 PMPosted by Nihil777
I could be wrong and maybe there is some ghost in the machine that causes mages to draw exactly the right card and they never have to think about what they are doing. I doubt this, but it could be possible.

don't you know by now, Greg "ghostcrawler" Street plays a mage in WoW therefore mages are OP in hearthstone duh, i thought everybody knew this.

/sarcasm off, if u fail at countering a mage by turn 8, then it is a L2P problem, nothing to do with what cards the mage had, or didn't have, it comes down to u not knowing what cards to play in order to gain board control, and subsequently loosing the game.
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Having an enemy mage top-decking while you're at 10/11 health is agony, you never know if they're just going to draw a pyroblast and win the game despite the fact that you countered everything else they had while retaining board control.
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Whether you hold the cards or you get lucky there isn't any counter play to a mage who gets a little bit of damage on you then uses their cards to keep few minions on the board and then all of a sudden win the game with a Pyroblast every mage i go against uses has that card for some reason so it is obviously overpowered they need to make it a 10 drop.
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Having 30hp and being able to unleash 22 damage in 2 turns is a massive problem. You can't counter spells unless you have some fancy secret. They go straight over taunt minions.

As a mage, you can play mostly defensive sweeping up minions in till you get 2 fireballs/pyroblast and pretty much kill off someone from the little niggle damage at the first half of the fight.

It's RNG or just RANDOM if you want to be fancy because you're just waiting for your heavy hitting spells and then WHAM! Not mentioning Arcane Intellect which is extremely overpowered.

What is this I don't even...
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It's not random if you let a mage save up fireballs for use as nukes instead of clears. That's your choice. Force the mage to use the Fireball on a minion instead of you, or guess what... he's gonna use it on you!
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So what are you doing while this mage has apparently still managed to do 8 damage to you while playing 3 cards down (since he's holding those back) and waiting for turn 8?

If a mage has the kind of board control needed to do 8 damage to you, all while playing with 3 cards less, you were losing the game anyway, and he just did you a favor by ending it a little quicker.

So... if I get hit for 8 somehow (like minions attacking plus hero power or something) and I dont win in turn 9, I am f*cked? yea sounds good to me I guess, considering how mages can drag a game with aoe and removal. Next time please post something useful
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I agree, I ofen have 99% boarder control over mages but, frost bolt + ice lances with fireball and pyroblast is over the topp, I can't really stop any of that damage. Tune it all down by 1 dmg or something. Played mage myself and felt that i was losing but somehow i draw a pyro and WOOPS i won. It sucks and is random as !@#$
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09/15/2013 11:44 AMPosted by Razaron
Getting hit in the face by a dual fireball or a pyroblast is agony for the opposing player, the damage really should be nerfed. When I play as my shaman I always look to kill +spellpower minions but some fights is just very rng with the overpowered damage. Considering with NO spellpower, hitting a pyroblast and 2x fireballs can achieve 22 damage :p

I think Pyroblast and Fireball should be lowered by 2.

Fireball 4-5 damage
Pyroblast 8-9

I agree OP, as long as totems are also removed from the game, and all Shamen damage and healing spells are reduced by 2. That sound ok to you?
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