Budget Master-Ranked Rogue Deck!

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12/14/2013 09:52 PMPosted by Elenora
is this deck still viable?

I don't think this deck is that viable now. Rogue got nerfed and this was from september. Most rogues are going for more minion heavy aggro deck and less reliant on these spell heavy decks. It is very reliant on the spell damage minions as well, so if you lose your spell power guys, you're pretty boned.
You can give it a try and see how you do, but at the higher levels of play, I don't see this as a viable deck.
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Just for fun I decided to try this deck out in casual mode (god forbid I use this thing in ranked where I am). Needless to say it's weak. So, so very weak. Rogue overall is a weak class now and this brings nothing to the table. The game is currently in an "aggro meta" in which this deck basically can't function. I can see this being a good tournament deck though against... nevermind. Late game decks would most likely kill this too. In the matches I played the deck basically failed me before it even had a chance to prove itself. Always getting killed by turn 5 or 6 by aggro decks.
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Worked for me on casuals, 6/2. i guess i was just lucky.
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Is this still viable ?
I did some stupid things in hearthstone, such as changing decks like madman and now I've got just 1 viable deck and 90 dust.
Is it a good idea to craft this deck ?
Or should I go for something cheaper ?
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Can't imagine it getting past rank 15 or so. Any deck will get there, though. That said, a number of the crafts needed are good in other decks, like the azure drakes and the argent commanders. I don't think running more than 1 headcrack is viable, but crafting one of them would be okay I guess.
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I second the thoughts on Gadetzan. It's an absolutely amazing card for late game combo, it will more often than not grant you at least 2 card drawals and better board presence than a acolyte, cult or a single shiv.
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2 Kobold Geomancers (Nice little packages of Spell Power)

Why would spell damage help, Rogue doesn't get spells, they do abilities like knife throw
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Just to update you, lot of things are "spells" in this game :) Ability Cards are all spells, so for example a warrior Whirlwind is spell.
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