Mid-Game Stoppage But Opponent Keeps Playing

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This has happened to me on several occasions...almost once a day on average and sometimes more. Have not noticed any pattern or frequent triggering event.

1) During the game my side of the board will lock up. No green highlights around things I should be able to do, no ability to play anything, nothing...

2) My hero will go through all of the "What to do" phrases.

3) At some point the opposing hero does their taunt. (Not sure if this is triggered by opposing player because I'm taking forever on the turn, or not, but it happens every time my side locks up.) During this time both my opponent's and my hero portraits and hero powers get highlighted red off and on...seemingly random.

4) Eventually the timer comes up and turn goes to opponent.

5) Opponent goes through turn, seemingly as normal.

6) My turn comes up:
a. Card is drawn and goes out to the side of my hand a bit...not where it would normally go.
b. The timer will immediately pop up without me being able to do anything(my side still frozen).

7) This repeats until opposing player eventually wears down my hit points.

8) Very frustrated me!!!

Anyone else having this issue?
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Update: This has happened to me four times over the past two days in Arena. Each time it counted for a loss.

I thought that there was going to be some sort of protection from this by allowing the dropped player to return to the game within a certain amount of time...is this not true?

Finally, the past couple of times that I've met my arena loss limit(from random disconnections) the rewarded card pack shows up before I've had a chance to use my arena key.
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Hey Grimster,

When you run into the issue where you can't play out your turn, what was being played by either you or your opponent leading up to that point? A combination of cards seems to have caused the game to halt for just you.

- Rolkyr
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Thank you for the reply.

Sorry, I don't have historical info for you, but it just happened to me again a few minutes ago.

Don't know what all info you are looking for, so this is probably overkill, but here you go:

It happened on turn 8. I was playing my mage and my opponent was playing as the shaman.

He was at 13 health and had just played a Sea Giant, Taunt Totem(through Totemic Call), and then cast Totemic Might.

On my turn, I drew Mirror Image. In play I had a Dalaran Mage(w/ 2 damage down), Kobold Geomancer, Azure Drake(x2). I had 30 health with three other cards in my hand. I tried to play Flamestrike and then the game froze.

The timer went by as normal and he got to play his turn. When my turn came back around the Flamestrike appeared in "mini" form in the middle of the playing field and had a green border. However, it did not trigger. I drew another card and again it went slightly right of where it should have ended up in my hand. As soon as I drew my card the timer fuse started again. My mana crystals filled up as normal, but I could not take any action.

I could not take any further action in the game and waited for him to kill me before I reported.
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Again, thank you for the reply!
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Just happened again:

Was playing Hunter with Paladin opponent and again on turn 8.

I had 17 health, he had 10.

I had nothing on the board, he had a Gnome Inventor(-2 dmg) and a Raid Leader.

I had 4 cards in my hand and drew an Animal Companion. When I tried to play it the game froze again. The same series of events, as mentioned before(without mini card in middle of screen), happened until he killed me.
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Still playing...happened again. I was a Warlock, opponent was Paladin.

- Turn 1

- Drew Flame Imp

- Played Flame Imp

- Flame Imp did not do damage

- Game froze, could not do anything

- Opponent took turn as normal

- Quit game
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Again, just happened:

- I was playing mage, opponent was playing warlock

- Turn 9, I had 14 health and opponent 21 health

- Warlock summoned Void Walker

- My turn I drew a Polymorph

- I played Azure Drake

- Game froze

- Turn ended, opponent played as normal

- Drew another Polymorph(which sat to the right of my hand)

- Time fuse started right away, I could take no action

- Repeat until opponent won
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Okay, happened to me again earlier:

- Sometime after turn 10

- I was playing Mage(16 health) against Warrior(22 health + 2 armor)

- Warrior had just played the warrior minion that grants all of your other minions charge and Taskmaster

- Had 4 cards in hand, drew Frostbolt

- Played Auctioneer

- Game Froze

- Opponent played as normal

- Drew Polymorph

- Game unfroze eventually...not sure what triggered it, sorry. I was busy writing these details down.

- I played a short turn, as timer fuse came up immediately

- After that, I played as normal

- Happy ending! I won!
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Just happened again a little bit ago in Arena:

- Rogue vs Rogue

- Turn 3

- I had 30 health, opponent had 29

- I had played my hero power on round two and attacked opponent

- Opponent played hero power, but did not attack

- Had 4 cards in hand, can't remember what I drew

- Played Bloodsail Raider, but battlecry did not proc

- Game froze...eventually disconnected before opponent could play

- Unhappy ending! Hope this doesn't happen when game launches...especially in Arena!

Thanks for reading. I will continue to post until the problem discontinues, or you tell me to stop.

Please let me know if there is any other information that you may find useful. I tried taking a screenshot, but ended up getting a picture of the Battle.net launch screen. Any tips?
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Hmmmmmmm. What kind of system are you running Grimster? Can you post your PC's dxdiag or the following from your Mac system profile:

• OS Version:
• Processor:
• Graphics Card:
• Memory:

Also, does his ONLY occur in Arena for you or does it also happen in Practice or Play mode?

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No problem, hope this is what you need:

Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 630 Processor (4 CPUs), ~2.8GHz
Memory: 3072MB RAM
Available OS Memory: 3072MB RAM
DirectX Version: DirectX 11
Card name: ATI Radeon HD 4300/4500 Series
Display Memory: 1788 MB
Dedicated Memory: 508 MB
Shared Memory: 1279 MB
Current Mode: 1440 x 900 (32 bit) (60Hz)

It happens both in Play and Arena modes. Don't think it has happened in Practice, but I haven't done that in a while.
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Just happened again:

- Was playing as Warlock against Paladin

- Turn 2, drew Leper Gnome, had 4 other cards in hand(Novice Engineer, Mortal Coil, Frostwolf Warlord, Summoning Portal, and Dragonling Mechanic)

- Played Novice Engineer, but card did not draw and game froze

- Was threatened by opponent twice...can't blame them

- Opponent continued as normal

- Was able to play Leper Gnome on turn 3, but nothing else...not even attack with Novice Engineer

- Eventually quit

EDIT: This game was in regular unranked play mode.
Edited by Grimster on 9/27/2013 9:29 PM PDT
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And...it just happened again:

- I was playing Warlock against Shaman

- It was sometime after turn 10

- I took 1 point of fatigue damage and was at 1 health when turn started

- I had a Frostwolf Warlord, Razorfen Hunter(x2 and both at 1 health...I think), Leper Gnome, and Wild Boar

- Opponent had Dalaran Mage, Searing Totem, and Wrath of Air Totem. Shaman was at 15 health...yes, just enough for me to kill them.

- I tried attacking with Frostwolf Warlord and game froze up, fuse came up and turn ended without me being able to take any action.

- My opponent didn't do anything on their turn for a few seconds, but I quit the game in case they were just going to wait it out and have me die from fatigue.

EDIT: This game was in regular unranked play mode.
Edited by Grimster on 9/27/2013 9:28 PM PDT
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I have NEVER seen this issue. It seems to me to be related specifically to you, for some reason. He blue post asked you to post your dxdiag info. Can you do that for him so he can get this issue worked out?

Go to start, run, and type dxdiag and hit enter.

Click save all information button near the bottom. It will save a text file somewhere. Open that text file and copy and paste the contents to this forum.
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Yeah, I kind of figured it is an issue on my end as I haven't seen anyone else bring the issue up. I feel bad for the folks that I'm playing, because they probably don't understand what is going on. However, they always get a free win out of it!

I did post my dxdiag info a few posts up. Haven't had a response back yet though. Just seems weird that it doesn't happen all of the time if it is a system issue.
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it sounds more like your client it bugging out. have you tried re-installing it?
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Okay, this still continues to happen...seems to only happen in Play and Arena modes. Can I get a Blue response? I haven't received anything since I posted my dxdiag info.

I have not tried reinstalling, as TWM has suggested. Again, would like Blue comment regarding that suggestion. Would I be able to keep my collection, records, money...etc, if I do uninstall Hearthstone and reinstall?
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This happened to me yesterday aswell .. but in a more extreme way
i was a mage playing a priest in arena.
then he 5/4 brewmastered a fearie dragon but when he tried to play it again it froze mid animation and i never saw anything get done ..
and i thought .. okay ill just wait untill the turn goes to me .. 1 hour later .. still his turn and nothing has happened since .. the card is still mid animation and i then try to concede (i was winning, not that it matters (:)
but conceding did nothing .. so i quit instead .. and either that triggered my loss or he somehow got to play while my board was "frozen".
and on top of that when i logged in i allready got the reward from a 6-3 before even opening the reward in arena .. but i didnt get double up or anything..

hope you fix this :)
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Your collection (cards, money, etc.) is stored on the server, not on your computer. Re-installing will not affect your progress.
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