Create Your Own Heroes Commentary

Last Wednesday, we brought you our second live Heroes of the Storm Q&A broadcast and hope you enjoyed getting some rapid fire answers for your questions about the game. Following the discussion, Sean ‘Day[9]’ Plott teamed up with Dustin Browder in order to commentate a live showmatch played by members of the Heroes design team on the Haunted Mines battleground. You’ve told us loud and clear that you’d love to see even more Heroes of the Storm gameplay footage and that’s just what we’ve got for you. Dustin and Day[9] also went on to commentate a second game, this time on Cursed Hollow, and we’re pleased to share the VOD with you today.

That’s not all. Aspiring and seasoned shoutcasters alike may be excited to know that we’ve also taken the game above, stripped out the commentary, re-added game sounds, and made the raw video file available for you to use however your heart desires. What are you waiting for? Let your shoutcasting style and unique personality shine through to the rest of the Heroes community by recording your very own VOD using the downloadable video below.


Once you've finished your cast, be sure to tweet the video link to @BlizzHeroes on Twitter using #HeroesCasts.

If you’d like to see more from Day[9], he’s always working up something new for the StarCraft II community. You can tune in to his informative and entertaining Day[9] Daily broadcasts five days a week at If that’s just not enough, you might also like to stop by his video archive, YouTube channel, or follow @Day9tv to keep up with him on Twitter.

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