The case for TWO level 20 ultimate upgrades!

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Hello! I love the alpha so far, so thanks for all the hard work!

I think it would be exceedingly rad if there were TWO ultimate upgrades, for each ultimate ability a hero gets. Sounds crazy right? Just hear me out.

One of the majorly cool innovations of this game compared to other mobas is the ability to customize what ult your hero chooses. It's a special tier of talents at level 10, and it radically changes how your hero plays. But talents at level 20, by and large, feel pretty lackluster. You basically have two choices: buff your ult (if the talent is even good), or take one of the stock "of the storm" upgrades. I'm not knocking those upgrades really, they just don't feel that special as a last talent upgrade path.

How cool would it be if you could FURTHER customize your ult as a final level 20 upgrade choice? What if Sonya doesn't want to create an arreat crater, but instead her leap could (as an example) do a double bounce? What if Hammer doesn't want orbital rockets, but instead wants it to be able to re-activate for an explosion?

Level 20 is the LAST upgrade choice we have in each game. That choice should feel impactful. As it stands, you can certainly FEEL the power increase upon reaching lv20 (especially first). It just doesn't feel that unique to whatever talent spec you are going for, and as such is kind of a bummer.

Thanks for reading!

TLDR: Please consider adding TWO level twenty talent upgrades for your ultimate ability. We need more interesting talent options at this supreme tier!
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More talent variety was added last patch and I suspect a lot more is in the works. Good points and examples.
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I would like that. Too often lvl 20 is never a choice.
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I like the idea.

level 10 is a choice between 2 ultimates.

Level 20 shouldn't be a choice between improved ultimate or unrelated talents - it should be a choice between improved ultimate or differently improved ultimate.

Add a dot, add a secondary effect, reduce a cooldown, etc.

We make our choice at level 10 based on what the ultimate will be at 20, and it would certainly add more variety, meaningful choice, and diversity in game.
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It sounds good on paper, but I'm not entirely certain that the work require to produce these options would be worth the reward.

First, you have the games in which neither team reaches level 20, that's a chunk of the environment where the second ult upgrade wouldn't see the light of day at all. Second, you have the games where one or both teams reach level 20, but the time between that and end-game is short, so the second ult upgrade might see one, maybe two uses. Not a very big deal. Third, you have those games where both teams spend a decent amount of time playing after level 20, but one team is slowly and surely moving towards the win, so the second upgrade option doesn't realistically affect the game in any significant manner.

Finally, there's the chance that both teams reach level 20. The game goes on for a good amount of time afterwards. And, both teams are neck and neck so that the choice in second upgrade potentially has the capacity to change the result of the game. This is the penultimate match. It's the situation that will truly make use of the second upgrade. It's also the rarest event in the game. Despite the excellent efforts of the devs to curb snowballing, this type of match is still the most rare.

So you're advocating for an idea that sounds very delightful, but would, in practice, rarely affect players or the game in a significant way.
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Thanks for the replies!

Pinder, I appreciate your insight, but I have to say I disagree with you. It seems like your hesitation is due to the fact that not all games get to level 20. That's definitely true, but in my own experience, more the HALF of the games I play have at least one team getting to 20. It doesn't really matter if it's one team or both teams, and often it is both.

Talent selection is such a great feature of this game. Especially because there are no items or other ways to customize your hero. The very LAST talent selection should actually be a choice, not some numbers buff before you start grinding up to level 30.

I think it would absolutely be worth the effort, even if SOME games don't get to it.
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it would be cool, but very little time is spent at level 20 anyway, so how worth it is it really?
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