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New Rewards this Week

New Rewards this Week

This week, StarCraft II has more new rewards and incentives than you can shake a Roach at.

Wings of Liberty is 50% off in the Blizzard Store June 4 -11. There’s never been a better time to upgrade from the StarCraft II Starter Edition to full access to Wings of Liberty and the multiplayer ladder.

Players continue to level up in Heart of the Swarm using the new XP system, and we decided to crank up the XP. Log in and play StarCraft II to earn an extra 25% XP and level up through June 11.

One of the ways we’re celebrating the new Spawning feature in StarCraft II is with an exclusive new video from Carbot Animations. Check it out, and learn more about Spawning with this new Spawning mini-site and this new video.

We think StarCrafts videos are so awesome that we’ve added a new Achievement and Portrait to the game. To earn them, all you need to do is play a game while in a party with a player who is being spawned into higher access.

But wait – there’s more! We’ve enabled the Protoss and Zerg races for the StarCraft II Starter Edition. That means all Starter Edition players can choose from all three races for a limited time.


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