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The First WCS Season Champion is Crowned

The First WCS Season Champion is Crowned

Titans clashed and dreams burned at Jamsil Arena in Seoul, South Korea during the final day of competition of the WCS Season 1 Finals. The stage was set for a rematch of the WCS Korea Finals, as Kim “Soulkey” Min Chul and Lee “INnoVation” Shin Hyung awaited each other on either side of the bracket. Soulkey was set to force his way past Kim “sOs” Yoo Jin for a second time, while INnoVation needed to defeat Jung “Mvp” Jong Hyun, the winningest player in StarCraft II history.


The Soulkey and sOs match featured the power of the new Heart of the Swarm units. Soulkey pushed with Swarm Hosts while sOs' Golden Armada terrorized from above. In the end, victory was claimed by sOs and his flair for the unpredictable. A perfectly executed cannon rush on Bel'Shir Vestige gave the Protoss player an insurmountable advantage in game 5, and sOs took a spot in the finals.


INnoVation's superlative Terran versus Terran play in the round of 8 against aLive made the already slim odds on Mvp even more remote. The first game featured Hellbat drops on both sides, with INnoVation a step ahead the entire way, earning him the win. Mvp would bring the score back to 2-1 with a gritty come-from-behind victory in game two, and a failed proxy barracks play from INnoVation in game three. However, INnoVation proved he had more endurance and continued to execute at the highest level in games 4 and 5 to win the series 3-2.


The semifinal results set up a relatively uncommon Protoss vs. Terran matchup in a major StarCraft II final.  After jumping out to a 1-0 lead, sOs seemed to have the series tied up with early aggression and a solid contain on INnoVation in game 2. However, an ill-advised over-extension of the attack resulted in sOs losing control of the game, and INnoVation took that game and the next for a commanding 3-0 lead. In the deciding match on Neo Planet S, sOs went to an unusual Tempest-High Templar composition, which seemed to confuse and confound INnoVation for a time. Unfortunately, sOs inability to project force across the map allowed INnoVation to slowly wear down this powerful, but plodding composition, and the Terran favorite took the series 4-0.


For a full recap of the weekend, WCS Today has you covered. Tim Frazier and Andrew Dunne will walk you through all the action, the best strategies, and the tensest moments.

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