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WCS Tier 1/Tier 2 Tournaments, and Community Tournaments' Role in the Ecosystem

WCS Tier 1/Tier 2 Tournaments, and Community Tournaments' Role in the Ecosystem

An exciting season of World Championship Series competition has concluded, and Season 2 is already underway in Korea and Europe, with America soon to kick off. A few WCS Tier 1 and Tier 2 tournaments have also completed, including the MLG 2013 Spring Championship, a pair of DreamHack events, and HomeStory Cup VII.

These Tier 1 and Tier 2 events are already impacting the race to the WCS Global Finals at BlizzCon. Ilyes 'Stephano' Satouri's and Dario 'TLO' Wünsch's performances at DreamHack and HomeStory Cup tournaments have supplemented their strong finishes in WCS Europe, positioning them well in the rankings. Lee 'Leenock' Dong Nyoung's win at DreamHack Stockholm is carrying him in spite of a slow start in WCS Korea, as he sits just below the 16-player cutoff. Choi ‘Polt’ Seong Hoon is also poised to break into the top 16 following his victory at MLG Anaheim last weekend. Further, Son 'Stardust' Seok Lee's recent DreamHack Summer win has jumpstarted him right into the race, even though he has yet to qualify in a WCS region.

Big tournaments like DreamHack, MLG, and HomeStory Cup have always been key to the StarCraft II eSports ecosystem, and we're proud to be able to integrate them into the WCS. We can announce that a number of additional Tier 1 and Tier 2 events are on the way, and it's possible that there are still more to come this year, so stay tuned to keep up with the latest announcements.

2013 Tier 1 WCS Tournaments

DreamHack Open: Stockholm

April 26–27

Stockholm, Sweden

DreamHack Open: Summer

June 15–17

Jönköping, Sweden

Major League Gaming Spring Championship

June 28–30

Anaheim, USA

Intel Extreme Masters: Shanghai

July 25–28

Shanghai, China

DreamHack Open: Bucharest

September 14–15

Bucharest, Romania

2013 Tier 2 WCS Tournaments

HomeStory Cup VII


Krefeld, Germany

DreamHack Open: Valencia

July 18–21

Valencia, Spain

The 2013 WCS Season will conclude with the Global Finals at BlizzCon, November 8 – 9, where the StarCraft II World Champion will be crowned. WCS points and rankings will reset after that, and competition will resume again in early 2014, when players can begin competing for points and ranking for the 2014 WCS season.

In addition to the WCS, we're seeing a number of other tournaments take place outside the WCS system this year, such as the Collegiate Starleague, the SHOUTcraft America tournament last month, and the Red Bull Training Grounds event. Community tournaments like these are welcomed in the StarCraft II eSports ecosystem, and the open nature of the WCS system allows for tournaments of all shapes and sizes to take place and thrive.

While we have carefully structured the WCS to minimize conflicts between WCS regional competition and Tier 1/Tier 2 tournaments, community level tournaments can run at any time to cater to the convenience of regional audiences and players. If you're thinking of running a StarCraft II tournament, check out the community tournaments page for some tips to ensure the success of your event.

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