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StarCraft II Arcade Weekend of Freedom

Though many would consider July 4 a great time to get together outside in the sweltering heat, we think staying inside and playing amazing games might also be time well spent. What better way to show our appreciation of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness than offering more FREE games? Over this entire holiday weekend -- from July 3 through July 8, all previously featured arcade games are now available to anyone using the free StarCraft II Starter Edition. From StarDodgeball to Blasterbots to Night of the Dead, there’s a wide range of different games to please everyone.


We’d like to hear from you about which of these games are your favorites, so please cast your votes in our poll and select your top 5 favorite games. We’ll give the creators of the three Arcade games with the most votes some nice Razer gear along with other goodies.

So save your friends from sunburns and deadly colorful sky explosions, and invite them to play some of the best StarCraft II Arcade games out there!

Click here for official rules.

What are the five best games that have been featured in the StarCraft II Arcade?

Angry Angry Templar
Clownz’s Gladiator Arena
Element Tower Defense
Kobold Tribes
Ling Ling Rocket!
Mass Destruction 2
Night of the Dead
Pimp My Footman!
SC Universe: Chronicles of Fate
Snipers Promod
TOFU Arena
Tower Defense Tycoon
Trial of Zeal
WoW TD 2
This poll has ended - Jul 8, 2013
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