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BarCraft Events: WCS Season 2 League Finals Edition

BarCraft Events: WCS Season 2 League Finals Edition

Are you interested in joining other eSports enthusiasts to watch a live stream of professional StarCraft II action? The WCS Season 2 League Finals are on the horizon, and there is no better time to host or attend a BarCraft event!

A BarCraft event is a community organized gathering of individuals in a public setting such as a pub or restaurant for the purpose of viewing live or pre-recorded StarCraft II competition while enjoying some good grub (hopefully) and good company (hopefully). Do you have an awesome public location that would be great for watching StarCraft II with your friends?

If you’re thinking about planning a BarCraft event in your area, check out our StarCraft II BarCraft Event Guidelines.

We know more and more BarCraft events are happening, and we'd love to add them to our BarCraft event listings. If you’re planning a BarCraft event in your area, please email the following information to

Organizer name:

Organizer email address:

What StarCraft II tournament are you hosting at BarCraft event:

BarCraft event dates:

BarCraft event times:

BarCraft venue:

BarCraft venue address:


Facebook event page:

TeamLiquid event page:

BarCraft event website:

Organizer information will not be posted on the event listings page. An event page is required for us to list an event. Multiple-day events will be listed as one event, see event pages for details. Event pages will always be more accurate than this list, so be sure to check them for updates and more details. Care packages will vary by region.

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