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The New WCS App

For those times when you just can’t park yourself in front of a giant monitor with the StarCraft II World Championship Series  streaming nonstop, we’ve got a great solution for staying close to the action: the new Blizzard WCS app for iOS. It will keep you updated, informed, and entertained all the way through the Global Finals of the World Championship Series and beyond.


With the WCS App for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad you’ll be able to:

  • Watch live streams of official WCS eSports competitions and VODs of recent matches.
  • Get all of the latest news and updates on players, teams, schedules and events.
  • Stream video to a nearby TV via Airplay.
  • Instantly share updates on your social networks.
  • Set reminders for upcoming WCS action.
  • Go “spoiler-free” when it comes to final scores.


For more on the WCS App head over to the App Store. That will put you one step closer to having the WCS at your fingertips, on your person, and in your life all the time …

… as it should be.

Air time or a wi-fi connection is required for use of the Blizzard WCS app.

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