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WCS Now Supports GGTracker Analytics

We are proud to announce that the StarCraft II: World Championship Series now supports GGTracker Analytics in our Video-on-Demand interface. Back in May, we highlighted some of the great work going on with StarCraft II replay analysis, including the graphics and stats available to GGTracker users. VOD viewers on the WCS Portal are now able to access these analytics, and even use them to skip directly to battles, dive into game details, and get the inside track on how the pros play. You can check out an example here or watch the video walkthrough above.

Now, use our live-updated bracket or video pages to find your favorite match from the Season 2 Finals to watch with GGTracker Analytics.

GGTracker Analytics

Whenever possible, GGTracker Analytics will appear below our WCS VODs. This readout includes a graph of army strength throughout the game. Battles are highlighted in red, and you can skip directly to them by clicking on the graph. That’s right, clicking at any point on the graph will automatically jump the video to that moment in the game. Want to see how Jung “Mvp” Jong Hyun lost 150 supply of Battlecruisers in 20 seconds? Click to the battle and watch it all unfold. Below the graph you’ll see useful information like currently owned units, army resource value, and total units lost.

That information is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the powerful data GGTracker can provide about each of the replays you upload to the site. We look forward to adding even more functionality to the WCS viewing experience as we continue to roll out new features.

WCS Replays for All!

As part of our GGTracker integration, WCS will regularly release replays of our games to the public. You can now download all WCS Season 2 Finals replays on the GGTracker match page, where you can find extended graphs and stats on your favorite games. Follow the link on the WCS match page to visit GGTracker and download a replay.

In the coming weeks, we will add GGTracker integration to many of the Season 1 and 2 VODs on Until then, you can download a replay pack of both seasons here.

WCS Videos and VoD Archive

If you want a quick guide on other powerful tools for watching the Starcraft II: World Championship Series, continue reading for a full breakdown of how to find and watch Videos-on-Demand.

Videos Page

The videos page is the best way to search for WCS VODs. You can enter your favorite players and matchups to instantly find their most recent matches played in your favorite style. If you are looking for a specific stage of the tournament, the simple categories interface will let you gradually narrow it down your liking.

Bracket Pages

The best way to follow the story of the tournament is to follow the brackets. Every bracket or result on the WCS portal will link you directly to the VODs for those games. Simply click through the games and watch a whole tournament, or skip to the end and watch only the grand finals if that’s more your style.

Spoiler Mode

If you are the sort that likes a surprise, make sure to toggle “Spoilers” at the very top of your screen to hide all the results until you’re ready to see them. Click on the grayed out bars to remove them if you just have to know the result of a match without watching it.

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