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Fan Art Friday: The Hydralisk by Attila419

Fan Art Friday: The Hydralisk by Attila419

This week, we came across this excellent pencil drawing by Attila419, who hails from Hungary:

Kaivax: What about StarCraft gameplay went into the design?

Attila419: I wanted to express the Hydralisk’s movement and behavior by making the arms muscular, and I tried to keep it realistic, and a bit anatomic, with the mouth coverage wide open. The idea mainly comes from Brood War.

K: About how long does it take to draw something like this?

A: Well, if I sit down with an idea ready in my mind and start working on it, it only takes 1-2 hours to draw it, outline it, and color it. However, I don't really like to color with pencils anymore.

K: What other works inspire you?

A: I really like the works of Mr. Jack. He is very talented, and it’s inspiring that Blizzard hired him to make art.

My inspiration mainly comes from the game itself though. The Zerg are very nice when it comes to drawing, and my other favorite is the Protoss race. I’m considering making some Protoss artwork next, considering that Legacy of the Void will be the next game.

K: What's your experience playing StarCraft II?

A: The gameplay is just awesome in both episodes. What I truly love about them is the campaign system, the fact that you can choose between different missions (but you can still complete the other one), and also the campaign interface (inside the Hyperion, inside the Leviathan, etc.). My favorite character is Abathur from the Heart of the Swarm. I think the style and design of that character is absolutely a masterpiece.

I also really like the special features in the maps, and the gameplay. I enjoyed the evolution missions, the lava pits in Wings of Liberty, special units, special triggers, and unique surprises.

K: If you could add anything to the game, artistically, what would it be?

A: I'd make the Zerg units even more evil-looking, with more (and more pointed) spikes, and I’d make them a little bit more disgusting. This makes the player more frightened when he's attacked by the Zerg, and makes him feel more awesome when he controls them.

I would have made the Terran vehicle design a little bit more angular, so it looks more machine-like and more powerful, but have a retro way of thinking. They look great as it is!

I honestly can’t come up with any ideas for the Protoss. They look very powerful and noble – both of which are great qualities about the Protoss.

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Don’t forget that all children love to draw (and sculpt)!

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