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Fan Art Friday: Zerg Invasion by Lionsketch

Fan Art Friday: Zerg Invasion by Lionsketch

This week, we came across this excellent work by Lionsketch, who hails from Sweden:

Kaivax: What about StarCraft gameplay went into the design?

Lionsketch: I first thought of the campaign scenario with Kerrigan and her Leviathan attacking Terran bases, and then I thought that Terran hasn't been seen defending an outpost/small town at a coastline. So then I drew it with a Zerg air army.

K: About how long does it take to draw something like this?

L: For this level of detail it takes me about 8-11 hours.

K: What other works inspire you?

L: I get inspired by a lot of different things and artists. The works by Jamie Jones are Feng Zhu are two personal favorites for inspiration for me right now. All the Blizzard games give me a lot of inspiration as well, because the universes are so solid and well built up.

K: What's your experience playing StarCraft II?

L: The thing I love the most about StarCraft II is the deep gameplay; it is like no other game in my opinion (except maybe Warcraft III and StarCraft I). I like to follow the latest game strategies, improve with the game, and look at the latest tournaments and players.

K: If you could add anything to the game, artistically, what would it be?

L: I think the game is perfect from a gameplay point of veiw and fits very nice with the StarCraft I design.
If I could add one thing to the game it would be to animate the profile avatars in the StarCraft II menus, like the pictures shown when choosing Matchmaking modes. For example, the subtle animation of the dust in the wind and the plasma shield on the Immortal.

Check out more of Lionsketch’s artistic works at

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Don’t forget that all children love to draw (and sculpt)!

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