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Arcade Workshop: Shape War TD

Arcade Workshop: Shape War TD

Today, we’re happy to present a new program for the StarCraft II Arcade: the Arcade Workshop. The idea behind the Arcade Workshop is to shine a spotlight on games that we feel have a lot of potential, but could be outstanding with a little fine tuning. We want to help the people behind these games get the feedback they need to help make their games shine, so we are asking you to jump online, play the game, and give constructive feedback on how the it can be improved.

For our first workshop, we’re looking at a game that originated on the European server: Shape War TD. The first time we looked at the game, we were amazed by its completely unique look. Aside from just a few StarCraft II elements, you would never know it was created using the same engine. We also liked how you could quickly check up on your opponents with a single click to see how they were doing without having to scroll around a large map.


Gameplay-wise, Shape War is what you might expect from a tower defense game; you place towers to kill enemies that run along a preset course. However, in this tower defense game you don’t upgrade your towers; you change their color. Switching a tower’s color changes how it functions. For instance, you can trade attack speed for damage or increase the tower’s range. We love the concept, but think there’s potential for even more interesting choices that can be made with towers and possibly even a stronger relationship between the towers and their enemies.

So jump into the Arcade, give Shape War TD a try, and let the game creator know what you think. Leave your feedback in the comments below -or better yet, write a response in the forum thread by clicking the button below.

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