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Arcade Workshop: Factory Ships

Arcade Workshop: Factory Ships

Welcome back to our Arcade Workshop, where we shine the spotlight on a work-in-progress StarCraft II Arcade game that we feel has great potential and can use your feedback.

Today we’re looking at Factory Ships. It’s a game that pits two teams of up to four players against each other, while both teams must defend themselves against a zerg threat. Your main base is a giant floating spaceship that periodically sends out fleets of automated fighters that fly down a set course. You don’t directly control the fighters, but instead control the economy, defense, and production rate of your base. It’s up to you to decide which ships to invest in and which targets they should assault. You also take command of a single Battlecruiser that can be upgraded and used for offense, defense, or even mineral collection. Eventually you’ll directly assault the enemy ships, and the last team standing wins.

From a development standpoint, we’re impressed by the responsiveness of Factory Ships’ current game systems. Game creator Batomys did an excellent job creating and customizing the command card you use when you upgrade your turrets and your ship. The game also includes some clever custom models for the zerg enemy, as well as the terran ships.

We suggest you jump online and give Factory Ships a try. We’d love to hear what the StarCraft II Arcade community thinks about it. What do you enjoy about this game? What do you think could make it better? Click on the button below and share your feedback, with our thanks.

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