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Fan Art Friday: Kerrigan and Zergling by Aliza

Fan Art Friday: Kerrigan and Zergling by Aliza

This week, we came across this excellent work by Aliza, who hails from Russia:

Kaivax: What about StarCraft gameplay went into the design?

Aliza: I wanted to illustrate one of my favorite moments in the Heart of the Swarm. I was inspired by this scene so much when I first saw it, and besides, I like this zergling with the broken tusk, and how he is shown later in game cinematics. I even wanted to draw a few more pictures with him and Kerrigan.

K: About how long does it take to draw something like this?

A: About 8-9 hours. On this piece, I’ve spent much time working with composition and perspective.

K: What other works inspire you?

A: My inspiration usually comes from concept arts of my favorite games and movies. 

As for artists, i'm a huge fan of Arnold Tsang and Marc Brunet. I also like the works of Stanley Lau, Hethe Srodawa and Matt Rhodes.

K: What's your experience playing StarCraft II?

A: Well, to me it's the plot and the story indeed. I played ladder a lot, but most of all I enjoy playing campaign missions. Not only the gameplay itself, but the dialogs and interactions between characters. Mira Han and Matt Horner scenes are the best! I love the universe and it's creatures, especially zerg race. I found them both scary and cute. And, most of all, I love Kerrigan, she is my favorite character of all time, both in her terran and zerg forms.

K: If you could add anything to the game, artistically, what would it be?

A: I don't think I have to add anything. Wings of Liberty is a great game, but Heart of the Swarm, with all the new features and characters, is just perfect! What I'd really like to see are some Starcraft spin off games, I'm still hoping I'll get to see StarCraft Ghost someday. I'd like to know more about the universe and characters, and it would be interesting to see them in action/shooter game.

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Don’t forget that all children love to draw (and sculpt)!

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