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Fight of the Year: Dear vs. soO in the Korea Finals

Fight of the Year: Dear vs. soO in the Korea Finals

If Baek ‘Dear’ Dong Jun finishes his miracle run to the Korea Premier League championship on Saturday, he’ll have one of the most unlikely WCS stories to date. He wasn’t even on the WCS radar during Season 1, and he only picked up a few WCS points during his brief time in the Season 2 Challenger League. Now the young Protoss player stands ready to knockoff Eo ‘soO’ Yoon Su in the Finals and take his place next to superstars like Kim ‘Soulkey’ Min Chul and Cho ‘Maru’ Sung Choo as 2013 WCS Korea champions. But if Dear wants to take his place next to the Season 1 and 2 champs at the Global Finals at BlizzCon, he’ll still have plenty of work to do. His recent success has caused him to rocket up the WCS Standings list, but it’ll take both a Korea Premier League championship and a decent finish at the Season 3 Finals in Toronto to get him to Anaheim.

Even with his unlikely story, Dear doesn’t lack for confidence heading into this championship match with soO.

“I think I’m a solid player and I’m sad that other people don’t seem to think that way” he said at a media event with soO promoting their match. What he lacks in bombast, Dear makes up for with his clarity. Floyd Mayweather may want to pay attention here. In response to a question about his celebration if he wins the championship, Dear admitted “I would want to cry, but I think I’ll win so easily that I just won’t be able to.”

The Korea Finals live stream begins at 3:00 a.m. PDT on Saturday October 19 at You might want to get some caffeine in your system to stay up late, or wake up early for this one. You can join the conversation on Twitter @StarCraft, and don’t forget to use #WCS when you do. These two players are bound and determined to upset the presumed order of things at the Season 3 Finals in Toronto and, should they qualify, the Global Finals at BlizzCon beginning November 8.

Where Dear has been spending time competing in GSTL, soO has been wholly focused on his WCS duties. Neither Dear nor soO has been particularly dominant in the Zerg versus Protoss matchup even as they dispatched established stars like Maru and Won ‘PartinG’ Lee Sak in reaching this point. This Saturday one of these two will step up, take the crown, and represent their race for all of their fans

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