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Arcade Workshop: MOTD: Psionic Warfare

Arcade Workshop: MOTD: Psionic Warfare

In our latest Arcade Workshop, we’re setting our sights on the cooperative third person shooter: Marines of the Dominion: Psionic Warfare!

MOTD drops four players on an alien planet, where you must survive against wave after wave of enemies.  Teamwork is essential as enemies come at you from all directions, and a blind spot in your defense is fatal. You dispatch your enemies with a combination of gunfire, potent psionic attacks, and even melee combos. Your marine is surprisingly nimble and is able to teleport a short distance away to create space when you begin to get surrounded.

What immediately caught our attention was the high quality visual presentation of the game. Right from the beginning, you’re treated to a cinematic intro screen reminiscent of older console games.  Once the game starts, you’re presented with a clean and completely custom UI. There’s no trace of the original StarCraft II overlay.

We also appreciated the visceral feel of the game. The over-the-shoulder perspective makes zergling swarms much more overwhelming. Clicking rapidly and manually targeting your enemies is very satisfying, and having to constantly watch your back keeps the action intense.

But enough about what we think -- what do you think? We want you to try it out for yourself and give us your feedback on how the game could improve. Anyone can try out Marines of the Dominion: Psionic Warfare while it’s in the workshop, as long as you own StarCraft II or download the free StarCraft II Starter Edition. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, drop in to our forums and leave your constructive feedback. See you online!

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