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Happy Halloween!

In addition to sending our zerglings from door to door tonight, we’re celebrating Halloween all over the Koprulu Sector, and wishing you a very happy day.

For starters, check out this brand new Halloween-themed art piece by Blizzard Senior Concept Artist Peter C. Lee.

(Click to embiggen. We’ve also put a gigantic 3840x2400 copy here.)

If you’re still looking for costume ideas, we suggest you take a look at some of our favorite entries from past BlizzCon costume contests. It’s never too late to transform yourself into a zealot, or a Terran space marine, or even the Queen of Blades!


You can watch the entire BlizzCon 2013 Costume Contest from the comfort of home next week! Just purchase the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket for complete HD access to the entire convention and all the goodies.

Let us know what you’re doing to celebrate Halloween in the comments below.

What will the members of the StarCraft Community Team be doing to celebrate Halloween?

"Lots and lots of barrel rolls."  Aldrexus

"My Overseer is letting me visit the Terrans this year to collect all of their human candy … definitely NOT to infiltrate their ranks …"  Spyrian

"Dressing up as a ghost."  Cloaken

"I buy the biggest pumpkin available, and I then carve it into the shape of a smaller pumpkin."  Kaivax

"Changelings make GREAT trick-or-treaters. The only problem is getting to them before they expire and get goop into my candy bags."  Traysent

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