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New Maps for 2013 Ladder Season 6

New Maps for 2013 Ladder Season 6

Season 6 of 2013 Ladder competition is just two short weeks away, and with it we’re adding a host of new maps to the 1v1, 3v3, and 4v4 map pools. You might like to give Free-For-All matchmaking a shot this season, because we’re shaking up the FFA map pool as well. We’ve already published the new 1v1, 3v3, and 4v4 maps below to the Custom Games list, so after you’ve given them a quick look here, be sure to log in and get a few practice games on each before the season rolls at 12:01 a.m. on Monday, November 11.

The 1v1 Map Pool

We're adding two new maps to the 1v1 pool in Season 6, and as always, making additions to the ladder pool means we’ll be removing a few of last season’s maps. Ladder Season 6 will once again feature seven 1v1 maps in total. Here are the maps we’ll be removing, followed by the new additions, and a brief introduction to each map from the StarCraft II development team:

1v1 Removals
Akilon Wastes
Whirlwind LE

1v1 Additions

Star Station TE


This is a two player version of Star Station edited by Aunvilgod from our StarCraft community on Reddit. The flow of the game should be nearly unchanged from the existing four-player version, but this map is simply more polished for 1v1 play with no confusion on start locations.

Alterzim Stronghold TE


Alterzim Stronghold (we’re pronouncing it ‘ahl-ter-zeem’) is a four-player macro map we’re intending to use in the 2014 World Championship Series map pool. This is a very large map with lengthy rush distances, an easy to take natural expansion, and many opportunities to expand further as the game progresses. When we designed Alterzim Stronghold, we did so with a couple of objectives in mind.  We had the specific goal that all combinations of 1v1 spawn locations on Alterzim Stronghold are viable and don’t offer an advantage to any one player –especially during the early game.  Please make sure to test this component of the map and let us know what you think.

With this map, we’re also continuing to push toward our ongoing goal of diversity in the ladder map pool. Experimenting with things like the size of the map, expansion layouts, and the number of expansion locations can seem a little intimidating on first glance, but we’re excited to see what sort of games and meta will play out once we get Alterzim into your hands. Further, we’re also willing to make changes to Alterzim if some of these things aren’t working out like we intended.

We worked with our eSports partners to incorporate their knowledge and feedback, but we’d also like to be extra sure that it’s tournament viable, because we’d really love to have this sort of macro map in the WCS pool next year. Again, we’ll be looking to make necessary tweaks not only before the release of the map, but potentially throughout the remainder of this year as we prepare for the WCS in 2014.

Now that we’ve unveiled the new maps you’ll be playing on this season, we’re pleased to show you the complete 1v1 map pool for 2013 Ladder Season 6 and the WCS off-season:

Complete Season 6 1v1 Map Pool
Alterzim Stronghold TE
Bel’Shir Vestige LE
Derelict Watcher TE
Frost LE
Polar Night LE
Star Station TE
Yeonsu LE

In addition to the changes being made to the 1v1 map pool, we’re also making changes to the 3v3 and 4v4 map pools. Below, you’ll find the list of removals, along with a description of each map that we’re adding.

3v3 Removals
Green Acres
Silent Dunes

3v3 Additions

Scorched Vista


Scorched Vista is a fortress-style 3v3 map. On this map, you start with your allies and there are easy to take expansions at the beginning of the game. Because the additional expansion locations move away from your opponents, we expect this to be a map that’s fairly easy to defend and macro on.

Untamed Spire


The rush distance between starting locations on Untamed Spire is extremely close. However, you’ll start in the same base as your allies, and expanding should be fairly easy to do as well. On this map, we’re hoping for a good mix of teamwork-focused, rush-based plays, as well as expanding while you defend at your ramp.

4v4 Removals
Atlas Station
Deadlock Ridge

4v4 Additions

Retribution LE


Retribution is a map contest winner under the team maps category. It was not only one of the best maps in the contest, but also the most suitable map we were looking for in terms of variety. We definitely expect to see our community continue to produce great team maps in the future, but in the meantime, please play a few games on this map and send us your thoughts.

Shattered Terrace


Shattered Terrace is a 4v4 map on which you’ll start with your allies. The overall rush distance between each team’s base is on the shorter side, so make sure to watch out for early game attacks.  Depending on your individual spawn location, however, the distance to the opposing team’s base can be quite far if you’re planning to be on the offense. Outside of the safer expansions behind your team’s starting area, additional bases are fairly easy to attack, so this map has a bigger emphasis on early to mid-game plays than drawn out late games.

Finally, it’s been quite some time since we’ve refreshed the Free-For-All map pool. This season, we’re shaking up FFA matchmaking by removing three maps, and adding four new ones. If you’re a 1v1 player, you’ll probably recognize these FFA additions from 1v1 ladder pools in previous seasons.

FFA Removals
Tectonic Rift

FFA Additions
Whirlwind LE
Red City LE
Frost LE
Alterzim Stronghold TE

All six of the new 1v1, 3v3, and 4v4 maps have already been published to the custom games list in order to give you a chance to check them out before the season roll. Feel free to fire up a few games on the new maps and let us know what you think in the comment section below. Once Ladder Season 6 begins at 12:01 a.m. PDT on Monday, November 11, each map will appear in matchmaking queues for competitive play.

Good luck and have fun in the 2013 Season 6 ladder!

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