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The Top 16 at BlizzCon -- “I Will Win If_____”

The Top 16 at BlizzCon -- “I Will Win If_____”

The 16 players have assembled in Anaheim for the WCS Global Finals and the magnitude of the event is starting to settle in for everybody involved. This is it. There will be $100,000 and the Gosu Trophy for the winner, along with unquestioned StarCraft II supremacy. After the epic fight just to make it to BlizzCon, all of these players are ready to take the final step. Why would they come all this way if they’re not ready to win the whole thing?

As they arrived in Anaheim, we got final thoughts from some of the competitors. We asked them to finish the phrase “I will win the Global Finals if_________” and we captured their thoughts ahead of the tournament.


I will win the Global Finals if: I am lucky.

“[To prepare for the Global Finals] there was nothing special. I’ve been doing what I’ve been doing the whole time. I’ve been practicing mainly on the ladder.”

“If I can’t win in the first round, I can’t win the tournament, so I’ve been practicing for my first opponent [TaeJa]”


I will win the Global Finals if: I can show my genuine performances.

“Because Bomber is very strong at TvT, I’ve mainly been practicing TvT.”

“Because there are no fans here yet, I cannot feel any differences. After I see the fans, I’m sure things will change.”


I will win the Global Finals if: I am lucky.

“It’s very exciting to be here. It’s the most exciting experience I’ve had so far.”

“I want to show some dramatic and interesting games. So I’ve been focusing on the macro game. I’ll make it like mouse play with units fighting here, here, here, and all over.”


I will win the Global Finals if: I can overcome my nervousness.

“There wasn’t much time to prepare for the Global Finals because I’ve been playing America Premier League, Season 3 Finals, and other tournaments. Because of this, I’ve done mostly mental training and analysis of my opponents.”

“I have lots of experience in big tournaments since 2011 and they have made me strong.”


I will win the Global Finals if: My conditioning is good.

“I’ve done mainly ladder preparation. I have some weak points against some races so I’ve prepared for them so now I have confidence against Terran and Protoss. The mind is the most important thing in this tournament.”


I will win the Global Finals if: All the other players die.

“I think I have a chance but you can never say before a big tournament like this that you’re going to win.”

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