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Vote for the 2013 StarCraft II Community Choice Awards

Vote for the 2013 StarCraft II Community Choice Awards

Thousands of hours of StarCraft II were broadcast throughout the 2013 World Championship Series, and after watching it all – you did watch it all, right? -- now you get to put your wealth of accumulated knowledge to use in our end-of-year special event. The community needs your input in selecting the Global Favorite Player of the Year, Favorite Game of the Year, and Favorite Players from WCS Europe, WCS Korea and WCS America.

We invited you to pick the nominees just a few days ago, we’ve compiled your responses in every region, and now all that’s left to do is vote for the players and games you enjoyed the most in 2013. Beginning December 16, we’ll unveil your choices.

Here we go!

Vote for your favorite WCS America pro in 2013.

Vote for your favorite WCS Europe pro in 2013.

Vote for your favorite WCS Korea pro in 2013.

Vote for your Favorite Game of the Year.

Here are links to the nominees for Favorite Game of the Year:
​NaNiwa vs. Leenock -- Dreamhack EIZO Open Stockholm Grand Final, Game 5
Stephano vs. ForGG -- WCS EU Season 1 RO4, Game 4
Soulkey vs. INnoVation --  WCS KR Season 1 League Grand Final, Game 7
Sjow vs. Life -- Dreamhack Summer RO8, Game 3
Innovation vs. Taeja -- WCS Season 2 Finals, Group C, Game 3
DongRaeGu vs. INnoVation --  WCS KR Season 3 RO32, Game 2
Maru vs. Dear -- WCS Season 3 Finals RO4, Game 1
Jaedong vs. Dear -- WCS Global Finals at Blizzcon RO8 Game 5
Scarlett vs. Bomber -- Red Bull Battle Grounds NYC, Group A, Game 3
INnoVation vs. SuperNova -- GSTL Finals Super Ace Match

Vote for your favorite StarCraft II player in the world in 2013.

Check back beginning December 16 for the winners. Thank you for participating, and we’ll see you in 2014!

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