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Community Choice Awards - EU Player of 2013

Community Choice Awards - EU Player of 2013

You nominated DiMAGA, Grubby, MC, MMA, Mvp, NaNiwa, TLO, and Welmu for WCS EU Favorite Player of the year. The community's votes have been counted, and we have a winner!

Your WCS EU Favorite Player of 2013 is:

Full name: Johan ‘NaNiwa’ Lucchesi  Race: Protoss Team: Alliance

The "King in the North" used both skill and luck to become the only foreigner to qualify for the World Championship Series Global Finals at BlizzCon. Just three weeks prior to BlizzCon, he fought tooth and nail to take points out of IEM-New York in his last WCS-sanctioned tournament, and then watched intensely as every remaining Premier League and Season 3 Finals result unfolded in his favor. Even then, he only guaranteed himself a trip to Blizzard headquarters to face Revival in a play-in game on the eve of the Global Finals.

Take your own trip down memory lane with these examples of some of the best play of the year, starring NaNiwa:

​Thanks for voting and participating in the Community Choice Awards!

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