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Community Choice Awards - WCS America Player of 2013

Community Choice Awards - WCS America Player of 2013

You nominated aLive, HerO, Jaedong, Jim, Polt, Scarlett, Snute, and Taeja for WCS America Favorite Player of the year. The community's votes have been counted, and we have a winner!

Your WCS America Favorite Player of 2013 is:

Full name: Sasha ‘Scarlett’ Hostyn  Race: Zerg Team: Acer

The 2012 World Championship Series Canada and North American Champion entered the 2013 WCS carrying the mantle of not only her own accomplishments, but the hopes of fans all over North America and around the world. Scarlett did not disappoint.

She took third place in the Ritmix Russian StarCraft II League Season 5 Finals in July with a win over Hyun. In August, she came tantalizingly close to the Grand Final of WCS America Season 2, falling 2:3 to Jaedong in the round of four. In November at the Red Bull Battlegrounds in New York, Scarlett started really showing her stuff -- defeating Bomber and Golden in the group stage before taking out the Boss Toss 2:0 to win 3rd place. To cap off a strong finish to 2013, she won her group, then defeated both StarDust and Life en route to a 2nd place finish at ASUS ROG Northcon.

Check out a few video selections from 2013, starring Scarlett:

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