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Community Choice Awards - WCS Korea Player of 2013

Community Choice Awards - WCS Korea Player of 2013

You nominated Bomber, Dear, INnoVation, Life, Maru, Rain, sOs, and Soulkey for WCS Korea Favorite Player of the year. The community's votes have been counted, and we have a winner!

Your WCS Korea Favorite Player of 2013 is:

Full name: Lee ‘INnoVation’ Shin Hyung  Race: Terran Team: Acer

After convincing wins over HuK, Leenock, Rain, and MC gave him a solid third place in the first Heart of the Swarm major tournament -- the MLG 2013 Winter Championship in Dallas, TX -- it was anybody's guess what the (then) 19-year-old INnoVation would do in the World Championship Series. He came out swinging.

Season 1 of WCS Korea saw INnoVation defeat everyone who stood in his way, right up until, with a 3:0 lead in the best-of-seven grand final, Soulkey found a way to take four consecutive games from the pro formerly known as Bogus. With a chance at retribution on the line, INnoVation then tore through the field at the Season 1 Finals, crushing sOs 4:0 in the grand final to become the Season 1 Grand Champion.

He then continued to perform on a level that earned him the second-highest total WCS points in the world in 2013, with top four finishes at WCS Korea Season 2, DreamHack Bucharest, DreamHack Winter, and ASUS ROG: NorthCon.

Check out a few video selections from 2013, featuring INnoVation:

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