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Patch 2.1 Preview: Clan and Group Improvements

Patch 2.1 Preview: Clan and Group Improvements

Now that you've have had a bit of time to get acquainted with the Public Test Realm and dig in to what's coming to StarCraft II with Patch 2.1, let's take a deeper look at the changes we're making to clans and groups.

Create Events

One of the first changes you'll notice when you open your clan or group window for the first time after downloading the patch is the addition of an Events tab along the top of the pane. Club officers and owners can use the “Create Event” button found in the lower left corner to bring up the event creation screen and start scheduling meet ups for whatever occasions you'd like.


Fill in a date, event duration, title, and any important details your group mates should know to make sure your activities are ready to kick off smoothly. If you need to make changes to an event after it's created, select it from the list on the Events tab and then click “Edit” in the lower right.

Once you've scheduled one or more activities, you'll see them listed chronologically on your Clan or Group's Events tab, which allows you to scroll through all of your club's upcoming events. Up to five events will also be displayed in the new Events section of the StarCraft II home screen so that you can quickly see what's coming up at a glance. Furthermore, on the day an event is scheduled to take place, it will be highlighted in yellow on each of these lists to help differentiate your immediate activities from those in the future.

Club Icons

With Patch 2.1, you’ll be able to give your club more flair within by uploading your own custom image as a club icon. Both clans and groups can add a club icon, and once you've added your image, it will be displayed in the top left corner of your group window and will also show up next to your club's name in group finder search results. 

To get started, select the Info tab from your clan or group window and then hit “Edit” in the bottom right. You'll notice that we've added a new “Change Icon” button above the description box that you can use to add your own custom image to your group.


In order to use an image as a club icon, it must be square, have maximum dimensions of 255 x 255, and be saved in either the .jpg or .png format. If your image meets these requirements, drop the file into the "Documents\StarCraft II\ImageUploads" folder in Windows or “~/Library/Application Support/Blizzard/StarCraft II/ImageUploads” on a Mac, and then hit "Change Icon" to select it from the list.

Clan Decals

Clan decals are an addition we're very excited to bring you with the patch and function quite differently from club icons in that they are only usable by clans and will show up in-game so that all of your clanmates can show off their clan pride during their matches.

The clan decal upload process and image requirements, however, are almost exactly the same for clan decals as they are for club icons, except you’ll want to hit the “Change Decal” button on the Edit Info screen rather than “Change Icon” in order to add your decal image.


If you've been participating in the Public Test Realm so far, you may have seen clan decals displayed as shown below.

We heard your concerns that some players were masking their clan decals by uploading images of units, such as Banelings or Widow Mines, and we agree that this could be misleading or distracting during a match. As such, we've decided to change how clan decals will be displayed in-game back to what we showed you during the StarCraft II Update Panel at BlizzCon earlier this year. You can see this change already reflected on the PTR as a result of the update that we released earlier today and pictured below, you can see how clan decals will now appear in-game.

We’d like to say thank you for the feedback you shared with us on our original implementation of this feature. We always value your constructive input and you’ve helped us make clan decals even better.

Those of you who are interested in checking out these Patch 2.1 changes right now can do just that by taking part in the Public Test Realm. Find out how to gain PTR access by heading here and keep that feedback flowing, because it's already been quite helpful as we continue to iterate on the patch. We hope you'll enjoy these changes to clans and groups once Patch 2.1 arrives and we'll see you on

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